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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dancing With the Stars: Woo Hoo for the Drew Crew!

After weeks of watching celebrities shake their bootys in the ballroom, Drew Lachey and his partner Cheryl Burke were crowned the champions of Dancing With the Stars Sunday night.

Was there any doubt after that Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy routine? Good times. In the words of Paris Hilton, “That was hot.”

As a card-carrying member of Team Lachey, I couldn’t be happier that Drew and Cheryl were the winners. They were a visual delight to watch every time they took the floor.

The former 98 Degrees boybander seemed at a disadvantage at the start of the series. He didn’t have Jerry Rice’s spectacular physique or Stacey Keibler’s sleek, long legs and elegance. Lachey, by comparison, is short. He claimed he has no neck and that his shoulders aren’t suited to ballroom posture. Yet, when it came to footwork, rhythm, jumps, and the ability to entertain, Lachey proved he was the champ.

“This is ballroom, not boy band,” his partner Cheryl humorously groused, earlier in the competition, when Lachey’s hip-hopping failed to impress. But it wasn’t long before Lachey proved his hips, and the rest of him, were adaptable to ballroom.

I still contend that the final four should have been Giselle Fernandez, Lisa Rinna, Lachey and Keibler. And if there was a prize for Mr. Congeniality, Rice could easily claim it. But all the competitors were fantastic sports, how refreshing for a reality show. Congratulations to them all.

I have only one complaint about this show: the length. Seriously, how can anyone watch this show without TiVo? The finale could have wrapped in an hour, easily. Do we really need the ridiculous recaps over and over and the long, overdramatically, pauses while waiting for the next couple’s name to be called? It’s intentionally cruel, people. I cannot watch this show live without wanting to hurt someone. I know the show ratings are excellent and the longer it stretches on, the better for the network. But I’m begging here, ABC, in the next installment, have some mercy on your loyal viewers.

For more on Dancing With the Stars, including music used, dance steps, photos and the dancers' biographies, visit the ABC web site here: http://abc.go.com/primetime/dancing/.

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