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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fantastic finales and Veronica Mars reruns

June 1, 2005

Lost fans, I’m forming a search party to look for Sawyer. Who’s with me?

Sure, I should be more worried about adolescent Walt, who was snatched by the scary “others” on Lost. But, Sawyer getting shot and taking a header into the ocean, in the dark of night, has me more concerned. He could be bleeding. And there are sharks out there, or worse, considering the island’s “monster” history.

Besides, Walt has proven he can take care of himself. So, let’s hope that Jin dove in the water in time to save Sawyer. And by some miracle, the trio will somehow make it back 15 miles to shore, on that pile of splinters formerly known as their raft.The Lost ending was spine-tingling, jaw-dropping TV at its best. And it wasn’t alone.

The conclusion of this year’s television season gave us some of the best finales I’ve seen in years. Take Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not sure who was more stunned - me, or Meredith Grey - to find out that Dr. Shepherd is married. Apparently, the sexy doc is as good at lying, as he is at brain surgery.

And how about One Tree Hill? The finale paved the way for a summer-long water cooler discussion about who poisoned and torched Dan. He ticked off everyone in Tree Hill, including his wife, brother, son and former coach. My money is on professor Andy or Jules as the culprit.

Desperate Housewives wrapped up by solving its season-long mystery, by revealing that Mary Alice was a murderer. And you can add Mike Delfino to the list of characters I’m worried about not returning next season. He walked into his house, where his girlfriend was being held at gunpoint by Zack-I’m wacked-Young, who may or may not be Mike’s son. And as if things weren’t stressful enough on Wisteria Lane, Rex died. Tom quit his job. And lawn boy John confessed to client Carlos that it was his wife, not the lawn, that needed attention three times a week.

Then, there was Las Vegas, which literally blew up The Montecito at its conclusion. Viewers were left wondering who bought the place, if Sam will get her job back, if Nessa is safe on that plane, and if Mary will return with her billionaire boyfriend. And poor Danny. There is no one left in his life to kill, now that he’s lost his mom, dad, and pal Luis.

Over in Smallville things didn’t end much better. Add the entire town to my worry list. I’m not sure who survived that meteor shower, or if Clark will escape the North Pole, or whatever weird, snow universe he morphed into.

Overall, this was a great TV season, the best for scripted shows in years. And it ended on a high note. I know I should enjoy summer, but I won’t be sad to see fall coming. For no other reason than, we will get answers to the aforementioned cliffhanger stories.

Meanwhile, my search party for Sawyer sets off tonight.

Veronica Mars - Catch it in reruns! It’s June, which means there is little on the tube, unless you’re gearing up for reality TV’s latest offering of Britney and Kevin's Chaotic or Ashton Kutcher’s Beauty and the Geek. So, for those of you looking for a fabulous, scripted new show to watch, you can check out Veronica Mars from the beginning. UPN is re-running the series this summer, starting June 14. You’ll thank me. It's one of my top two favorite shows this season. Veronica is quite possibly the coolest chick on TV. With her super sleuthing skills and witty one-liners, an hour with Veronica is the most fun you’ll have all week.

Originally published 6/1/05 in The Exponent Telegram newspaper.


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