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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hats off to the royal wedding, plus a Lost death, Veronica Mars saved, Cole returns to Charmed, and Desperate Housewives

April 13, 2005

I’ll say this about British weddings: it’s all about the hats.

This past weekend, I watched the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. And while the event itself grabbed headlines, it was the wardrobe choices that had me mesmerized. And amused.

The wedding was a fashion education on hats - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every shape, size, and color imaginable was on display, as guests lined the pews of St. George’s chapel. Some hats had feathers. Others, beads and ribbons. And some resembled exotic animal topiaries.

Hats apparently are all the rage at British weddings. Not only do they provide a colorful fashion statement, they have the added bonus of giving us some good, old-fashioned humor. One especially hilarious, albeit awkward, moment was when the new Duchess of Cornwall tried to keep the wind from whisking away her feathered, tree-like hat. As she desperately clutched her head trying to hold the hat in place, I couldn’t help but laugh at her unfortunate situation, (It’s OK. I’m sure she didn’t hear me.) Heck, even she even seemed amused by the whole thing. Miraculously, she held onto her headgear and survived the embarrassing situation.

The wedding itself was a civil ceremony, devoid of the glitz of a typical royal/Hollywood wedding. For the romantics who crave that sort of thing, the spiteful folks at CNBC decided to rebroadcast the 1981 Prince Charles and Princess Diana nuptials on the same morning.

In contrast to Charles’ first ceremony, the most recent one was a much more subdued affair, um wedding. It was civil, indeed. There was no fairy-tale horse-drawn carriage. No public kisses. No elaborate wedding gown. There were shuttle buses to transport family and guests to the reception, some innocent handholding and a sensible wedding suit for the bride.

Despite the no-frills wedding ceremony, there was some zany excitement. A 25-year old streaker decided to spice things up a bit before being captured by police.

And no, he wasn’t wearing a hat.

Lost: Boone takes the dirt nap
I’m still mad after last week’s Lost. Poor Boone is dead. And adding insult to injury, he survived a plane crash from thousands of feet in the air, only to be killed by the falling wreckage of another plane, lodged just a few feet above the ground in a tree. How’s that for cruel irony? And, honestly, who can blame Boone for giving into death? I’d have wanted to croak too, considering Dr. Jack wanted to chop off his leg with that sharp, heavy metal door from the plane wreckage. Rest in peace Boone. I’ll miss you.

Veronica Mars saved!
UPN network executives, thank you! They actually listened to thousands of fans, and this week, renewed teen detective Veronica Mars for another season. Veronica will live on to fight crime in Neptune, solve the murder of Lily Kane, and hopefully, get a date.

Charmed, Cole returns
It’s been several years since I watched Charmed, but after previews touting the return of Julian McMahon as Cole, I tuned in Sunday to catch a glimpse of my favorite evildoer. What a disappointment. How could the show be so malicious as to bring back Cole, and then not have him share a single scene with former on-screen wife Phoebe, Alyssa Milano? Cole may be a demon from Hell, but he's got nothing on whoever made that executive decision.

Desperate Housewives - Best line of the week.
Desperate Housewives has some of the funniest lines on television. This week, Mrs. Huber’s sister offered up this gem. In a scathing critique of her sister’s home decorating style, she quipped, "This is the place where good taste goes to die."

Originally published 4/13/05 in The Exponent Telegram newspaper.


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