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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Adios Duncan Kane!

January 26, 2006

It’s a sad day for the legions of Veronica Mars' fans that love Duncan Kane. He made a run for the border on last night’s episode and left Neptune for good.

Let’s hope that his Spanish is good and that he knows more than just, “la cerveza, por favor.” How else is he going to raise a baby, get a job, and live in Mexico? I’m worried, Tubers. Duncan isn’t exactly used to roughing it. He’s been living large at a luxury hotel for months.

I don’t want Duncan’s change of zip code to be permanent. I’ll miss Teddy Dunn. I loved Duncan and Veronica, as much as I love Logan and Veronica. Is that wrong? I can’t help it, his fortune-cookie message just got to me.

This week’s episode from start to finish was, as per usual, excellent. If there was ever a course on how to write the perfect dramedy, the Veronica Mars show honchos should teach it. There is no sharper dialogue, solid plotlines, excellent one-liners and double entendres on the tube than on Veronica Mars. Thank you! It smacks of Joss Whedon brilliance.

The cast deserves credit, too. It is so solid that even the characters I’m supposed to hate, I love. (Hello, Dick, Kendall and Sheriff Lamb.)

In the end, Veronica played her dad to make her scheme work and get Duncan and the baby out of town. That hurts. You know I don’t want my favorite detective disrespectin’ her daddy. I’m sure Keith won’t get over it easily, either.

As for Duncan Kane, well, Adios, mi amigo. Buena suerte!

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