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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tube Talk named one of Web’s top TV blogs: Thank you!

by Jennifer Squires Biller

You’ll have to forgive me Tubers. I’m a little giddy.

You see, after toiling away here at Tube Talk for the past two years, trying to give you daily TV news updates, celebrity interviews, amusing columns, and a fun forum for discussion, I’ve finally received an accolade, other than my loyal readers’ daily devotion.

A couple weeks ago, I received an e-mail from the folks at Blogged.com, a Web site that evaluates and rates blogs in several categories. The editors at Blogged.com have chosen Tube Talk as one of the Web’s top TV blogs. (I know. I can’t believe it either!)

Tube Talk earned the number five spot on the list, with a 9.4 score out of a possible 10. Blogged.com based its rating on “frequency of updates, relevance of content, site design, and writing style.”

Who else is in the top five? Well, let me just say that I’m still pinching myself. The number-one-rated blog went to Matt Roush’s Dispatch blog at TV Guide, number two went to my blogging idol, E!Online’s Watch With Kristin, number three belonged to the folks at TV With Meevee, and the fourth spot went to a fellow blogger and my cyber pal, The TV Addict. Impressive company, right?

I’m not sure how seriously the blogging world takes these things. (See, I’m still an outsider.) But whether or not it means anything in the grand scheme of things, it means a lot to be on a list of top five anything that includes the names Matt Roush and Kristin Dos Santos.

Since I started this little blog in 2006, it’s been quite a learning curve. I came from the world of print journalism, armed with only my interview and writing skills. I didn’t know HTML, Web design, or even what a blog was. With the encouragement of friends, family, Kathie at Give Me My Remote, and loyal readers of my newspaper column, Tube Talk, I decided to try and publish on the Web in a blog form.

The first few months were rough. I went from 20,000 daily readers in The Exponent Telegram newspaper to barely 200 per day. (Yeah, it stung a little.)

Fast forward to 2008, and now Tube Talk is a syndicated blog at USA Today, Reuters News, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Austin American Statesman, The Dayton Daily News, and Fox News , with millions of readers world wide. I’ve also been a guest on the nationally popular Shaun Daily TV Talk Blog Talk Radio program, and I do a weekly Tube Talk report for the Jack Logar morning show on Magic 106.5.

Before I get all teary-eyed here and prompt you to cue the cheesy music, let me simply say “thank you” to all of you who come here daily, weekly, or occasionally; to those of you who take time enough to comment about a story or give your opinion; and to my dedicated columnists, Becky Tennant, Bethany O’Neil, and Ashley Gouveia, who bring you American Idol coverage and Commentary With a Co-Ed, respectively. Without all of you, I fear Tube Talk would have fizzled like the thousands of other blogs that debut and quickly disappear. (OK, now you can cue the orchestra because this little speech has gone on for entirely too long.)

In closing, let me just say “thank you” for sharing my love of television and inspiring me to combine my love for writing and the TV genre into this little “hobby.” And thanks to the folks at Blogged.com who stumbled onto my little blog and took it seriously enough to evaluate it against Web sites with hordes of employees, such as TV Guide, E!Online, and Zap2it.

Tube Talk Girl


Roca said...

Hey Jen!!

Big time congrats!! Nice to see you're getting recognition for how cool your blog is, It is well deserved!!

Take care,


OBXrulz said...

Congrats, Jennifer. I love this site and check it a couple times a day! You deserve that honor. You are one of the best TV blogs on the web. Keep up the good work.

Seth said...

I'm impressed that a mostly one woman operation made that list. You're always saying "kudos" so "kudos" to you Tube Talk Girl. Tube Talk rocks!

Belinda said...

Yeah!!! Congrats, Jen. So very happy for you and the great work you've done. It might be just tv but it does keep us entertained in a world that's not all that entertaining sometimes. From your faithful reader in Ohio...

Becky said...

Congrats Jen! I am so happy to have been able to contribute and be a part of this! Here are to many more years of being "totally fabulous!"

ashley said...

That's amazing Jen! Congrats. It's well deserved. This site is one of the best and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

A big time congratulations from me!!! I can now say I remember the good old days when we were merely Creek Freaks and crazy about Ingo, and you made it into all this. I'm so very proud of you, keep up the good work.


pirateswin said...

Pittsburgh loves Tube Talk!

Congrats, Tube Talk Girl. Your site rocks. Now, get us some scoop on Fringe. :) I miss my Pacey.

tara said...

Way to go tube talk! You and your girls have made this one of the best tv sites around!

Bobby Shaw said...

I always knew you had it in you. Congratulations! Now what's my cut?

Heather said...

Congratulations Jennifer!

Just remember us peons when you become rich and famous.

Heather in NJ

Bob said...

Your site is great! Keep up the good work!

TFB said...

Congrats on the award. I have just started visiting and I like what I have seen. I *love* the layout and graphics. Thanks! Nice job.

tube talk girl said...

I heart you all. :)

tube talk girl said...

Welcome, TFB! I'm glad you're enjoying the site.

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