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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Green Arrow headed back to Smallville

Woo Hoo! This is the best news I’ve heard in, well, a LONG time.

Justin Hartley, aka the Green Arrow on Smallville, has just inked a deal as a series regular on the show next season, according to E!Online. That means the Green Arrow will be back in town to get hearts fluttering (Lois, I’m talking to you) and to fight for justice for all.

When I heard that Hartley’s new medical show for the CW was not picked up to air for the next season, I thought perhaps Hartley would be off our screens in the upcoming TV season. Thank you, CW, for having the sense to realize what a gem he is and locking him in to this deal.

I mean, no one wears green leather like Hartley. No one.

I know many of you may not rejoice at this news though, as it seems that when Green Arrow is involved in the show, it becomes less about Clark Kent. You’re right, in some aspects. But from what I’ve seen of Smallville lately, it hasn’t been much about Clark Kent’s journey to become Superman anyway. It’s been about Kara, Brainiac, and all the other characters from the comic book universe. Perhaps, Green Arrow is just the shove, or example, young Clark needs to realize there is an entire world awaiting his assistance beyond Smallville.

Congratulations to Hartley and to the CW. With Michael Rosenbaum’s exit, I was hearing plenty of rumblings from folks who weren’t overly anxious to tune in to Smallville this season. Now, they have one more reason to do so.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Love him!

Roca said...

Hey Jen

I have mixed feelings about this, although I liked his participation on the show, it feels like the writers have officially ran out of ideas. I mean, when you need Green Arrow to come to "superman's rescue" something has to be very wrong.

tube talk girl said...

Roca, you make a good point. I think they should have segued Smallville into a new show called "The Justice League" and brought in the whole team.

Smallville seems to have lost the small-town, family feel and charm that made me love it so much. It doesn't seem like the same show anymore, and with all these characters from the comic book coming in and out, it almost feels like a show about the Justice League anyway!

Regardless, I'm happy to have Justin back. His episodes are usually among my favorites of each season.

Anonymous said...

The show can go in a couple of directions with this. If it becomes about Green Arrow pushing Clark towards his destiny, it could be worthwhile. If it becomes about Lois' mixed feelings about Oliver and Clark, then just do us all a favor and yank the show now.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Oliver pointing him toward his desting. Sold. Good idea.

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