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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rescue Me minisodes starting June 24

For the past few summers, Rescue Me has been my summer pleasure. But this year, the series won’t return until April of 2009, due to the writers’ strike.

To help get us through the long hiatus, Rescue Me is offering 10 five-minute “minisodes” every Tuesday, beginning June 24 at 10 p.m. The minisodes will be available the next day on the Web at http://www.crackle.com/.

The goal is to “bridge the gap between season four and season five,” Rescue Me star Denis Leary told the ladies of The View this week.

The minisodes will be stand alone, comedic, and feature regular cast members Leary, Adam Ferrara, Michael Lombardi, Steven Pasquale, Andrea Roth, John Scurti, Daniel Sunjata and Callie Thorne. (According to TV Guide, the recently arrested Tatum O’Neal wasn’t scheduled to participate, but Leary said on The View that she’ll be back on the regular show.)

So, what do you think, Tubers? Will these minisodes be enough to give you your Rescue Me summer fix? April 2009 is a long time for the show to be off the air, almost two years between seasons. Kudos to the Rescue Me folks for realizing that viewers need to have a reminder so they don’t forget about this fabulous show.


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