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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help name Tube Talk Girl’s baby

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Photo Credit: www.thetvaddict.com

In the famous words of Timbaland, “It’s too late to apologize.” However, I hope you’ll indulge me.

I’ve been keeping something from you, Tubers. It’s a secret so juicy it’s worthy of an anonymous tip to Gossip Girl.

Spotted: Tube Talk Girl wearing a hoodie and baggy pants. Is she hiding a baby bump or just too many trips to Cold Stone?

It’s true, gossip hounds. I’m pregnant.

See, I told you it was juicy.

Those of you who come here regularly may have noticed that back in January, all the way through April, things have been a little slower than normal here. Sure, I can blame it partly on the TV writers’ strike that interrupted our TV schedule, but I must be honest and confess that it was mostly due to the non-stop vomiting for seven months, several trips to the ER, and the physician-ordered bed rest during the first trimester.

I’ve finally managed to get the vomiting under control, thanks to my doctor and a miracle medicine called Zofran, which is used mostly for chemo patients. Yes, Zofran executives, I’m available for commercial endorsement, if you’d like. Your product has literally saved my life.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with an online blogger pal, The TV Addict, about my situation. He asked if we had chosen a name for our impending bundle of boy joy. I told him that we still hadn’t decided, but that I liked several names that, coincidentally, happened to be the names of some of my favorite TV characters: Sawyer (Lost,) Christian (Nip/Tuck,) Alexander “Lex” (Smallville.)

I swear that it’s purely coincidental that those names are TV characters. Although, Mr. Tube Talk isn’t buying it.

The TV Addict passed on his name suggestion: TiVo. Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure he was joking. Then, he did a fun post asking readers if they’d ever named a child after a fictitious television character. His very creative photo and blog post got me thinking.

Why not use you, my TV-loving-peeps, to help us choose a name? It worked for NBC when they were trying to choose a name for Scrubs’ Carla and Turk’s little girl, so why can’t it work for me?

So, please, take a minute and share below in the comments any BOY names that you love. (And it’s 100 percent OK if they just happen to be TV-character names. I am Tube Talk Girl, you know.)

I can’t offer you an all-expense-paid trip to Aruba or anything, if we use a name you suggest. This is Tube Talk, after all, not NBC. But you would get bragging rights that you helped name Tube Talk Girl’s baby. I could also throw in a year’s supply of dirty diapers, if you’d like.

So, go ahead, Tubers. Suggest away.

And to my friend Mary Kay, I appreciate your suggestion, but we decided against naming the baby “little Barack Clinton Biller.” Sorry.


obxrulz said...

Oh this is gonna be fun. How about Magnum? :) What can I say. I'm a Tom Selleck fan.

Becky said...

OMG I LOVE Sawyer, what is Chad thinking giving it a thumbs down!!!!

Of course I am partial to Jackson, Jacob, Christian, Colby, or Avery, but no Bart or Bert, please, I can't have a cousin named Bart. Sorry if I already do though!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll go old school with you Jen. I know you once addored the Creekers, from all the columns I've read of yours, so I think the obvious choice is Dawson. ;)

Kim said...

I like Brett. It goes well with Biller.

Steph in La said...

"Barack Clinton Biller" LOL That's hilarious.

Hmmm...so many fun names out there. How about Parker?

Anonymous said...

how about john boy biller

ashley said...

Jen, Congratulations! that's great news.

I think giving your baby a TV name is a fun idea. My picks would have to be:


Roca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roca said...

Hey Jen!!

Congratulations!!! Well, I don't remember seeing this anywhere on TV for a while, but my suggestion would be Arthur, or maybe Arturo (actually there was a Maximillian Arturo on Sliders... I used to love that show).

PS: If you choose any of those, you can keep it for free, I'd like to abdicate of the dirty diapers prize, thanks! =D

Seat42F said...

Seven :)

Vance said...

I've been liking Preston recently though not from TV

but if from TV...

What about Pacey?
I like previous suggestions:

Congrats by the way!!!

Julie said...

Vaughn - After Michael Vaughn from ALIAS. I wanted that name but my husband said absolutely not.

Carter - After Dr. John Carter on ER.

Julie said...


And Congratulations!!

Scooter McGavin said...

First off congrats. Not sure if I can help with boys name because I was told if I ever lived through my own personal unfunny version of Juno (because if I were to have a kid it is going to be an accident) I would be responsible for the girls name.

So just put these aside if you have have one of those of your own. First off, Sadie tops my list as I once met a girl named Sadie who, oddly enough, used to be my homeboy's lady. It was 80 degrees when I told that girl please and, well the rest was history.

And in the immortal words of Cody ChestnuTT, "If Mary drops my baby girl tonight I would name her Rock n Roll."

And if three really is the charm: Lola, because who wouldn't want to be named after someone who walks like a woman and talks like a man?

tube talk girl said...

You guys are too funny. There are some great suggestions here. Thank you for all your well wishes and clever names.

Preston... Vance isn't that the kid on Desperate Housewives? And it's also the name of the county in which I lived as a child. Hmmm...I think Parker is the other sibling on DH, too. I didn't realize we had so many Desperate Housewives fans in the house.

Thanks again everyone for the suggestions.

Bec, no worries about Bart or Bert. I'm right there with you.

stacey said...

That picture is so cute.

I always like Noel on Felicity, so I'll go with that one. Noel!

Seth said...

I started watching Veronica Mars thanks to your reviews so how about Logan or Duncan. Those are both cool names.

wwg said...

Congratulations! :)

As for suggestions? How about:

Jensen (SN)
Jared (SN)
Alexander (SV)
Jonathan (SV)
Robert (SN)

Anonymous said...

I like Jackson or Jax for short. Congrats!

JR212 said...

I'm a diehard Friends fan and loved the finale column you wrote about it. How about Chandler? I always loved his name.

Ok now what said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are all thinking of you and baby biller right now...hugs, bec

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