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Friday, June 20, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: The Daytime Emmys deliver few surprises

Photo: ABC, Emmy co-hosts Cameron Mathison and Sherri Shepherd

by Ashley Gouveia

One Life to Live took home some golden ladies last night at the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, winning for Best Writing and Directing. But it was General Hospital that won the mack daddy of Outstanding Drama Series. Woohoo! I have to confess that I was worried One Life to Live was going to snatch that award for having the big death of Asa Buchanan storyline. It was deserving of an Emmy.

Sherri Shepherd of The View and Cameron Mathison from All My Children served as the hosts last night. I actually liked their little sketch in the beginning. Sherri was funny, and it was nice to see some familiar faces from Pine Valley. But if there were any more plugs for Barbara Walters’ book I was going to scream. Enough already! I’m thankful that there weren’t any awkward backstage interviews this year. That was painful to watch last time. as Lisa Rinna asked questions that the award recipients had no idea how to answer.

Gina Tognoni from Guiding Light picked up an award for Best Supporting Actress. My pick was Judi Evans from Days of our Lives, but I wasn’t shocked that Gina won. From what I understand, she is extremely popular even when she played Kelly on One Life to Live. I was rooting for Darin Brooks and Rachel Melvin (Max and Chelsea, Days of our Lives) for Younger Actor and Actress but it wasn’t meant to be. Tom Pelphrey from Guiding Light and Jennifer Landon from As the World Turns were the winners in those categories.

The Tyra Banks Show won for Outstanding Talk Show (Informative). A very blonde Tyra accepted her first award for her show. I was glad she won because I was cheering her on when she spoke out about those pictures of her and the extremely high standards in Hollywood. However, I thought her acceptance speech was a tad over the top. But, that’s typical Tyra.

Regis Philbin was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his over 40 years on television. The man does it all. I can’t even tell you how much I love his new game show host gig on Million Dollar Password. That show’s really addicting. Congrats Regis!

The one thing that I always enjoy is the video compilations that they do for the nominees for Outstanding Drama. If they put music with the videos it’s even better. The only show that did that was One Life to Live with One Republic’s Apologize. Every other show passed on the music. Bummer! Overall, the show was a little bit of a letdown. There weren’t a lot of shocking wins. Tony Geary won Lead Actor which wasn’t surprising at all. Aside from the absence of some awkward interviews, it seemed like the same show from last year.

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tube talk girl said...

I was glad that ABC kept the focus on daytime, the shows and the actors. I remember the year that Dick Clark produced the show, 2004?, anyway, it was so much fluff and seemed to not pay much of a tribute to daytime.

I didn't like the shorter version of the show this year, though. Last year's show was really great. Rick Springfield lit up the house.

I loved the opening skit, too. You know I love anything where my Josh Duhamel gets a shout out!

Sherri was funny, but I was ready to strangle her if she said "Girl" one more time. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good show this year.

And how about Jeanne Cooper winning. WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! Love her. It was about time. I interviewed her once for a story I was doing about her co-star Patty Weaver, and what a treat it was. She's a class act and speaks her mind.

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