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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week two of American Idol auditions

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Here we are at week two of American Idol auditions and, frankly, our opinion is “bring on Hollywood.”

One week of auditions is plenty. There’s only so much we can take! Unfortunately, these long, agonizing weeks of watching folks humiliate, embarrass, and make utter fools of themselves is what gives American Idol good ratings and is what the producers want. So, it’s what we get.

Week two began in Memphis, the home of the blues. From Memphis we got Elvis, Al Green, and BB King. Surely there would be some musical talent here, after the let downs from last week. Simon began the show extremely cranky and even “spanked” Ryan Seacrest for disrupting the auditions. So, we could deduce from the beginning that there wasn’t “a friend in Memphis” for Ryan.

OK, there was some talent in Memphis, and it was interesting talent, to say the least. Jason “Sundance” Head, whose father was Roy Head, best known for “Treat her Right”, was a favorite of the judges. Simon made an early prediction that “he would be amazed if Sundance didn’t make it to the finals.” We agree he was good.

There was also Sean Michel, from Arkansas. At first glance, he resembled Osama Bin Laden. No Jesus. No, wait. He’s a stand in for Fidel Castro. But, regardless of his somewhat unusual appearance, the boy can sing. We are rooting for him. It will be interesting to see what the stylists have in store for that beard.

And capping off our top three from Memphis was Melinda Doolittle. She is a backup singer, who wasn’t very confident, but could really belt out “For Once in my Life,” by Stevie Wonder. She is sure to appear in the top 24.

On a side note: Philip Stacy, who missed the birth of his baby girl to audition for the show, was not very impressive, though he was moved on to Hollywood. He better bring it there, or he will look like a real loser for sure.

New York, New York, here we are. The city that never sleeps. This city was full of attention-seeking drama kings and queens. We had Ian Benardo and Ashanti Johnson. These two, along with a few other unmentionables, would be better suited to try out for a Broadway play or show choir. All we can say is “drama, drama, drama,” with a little social commentary thrown in by Sarah Goldberg. We’re convinced that this chick was planted there. And why they put her on is beyond comprehension. There were already enough “strange” and “peculiar” folks to go around: Isadore Furman, clairvoyant….Need we say more?

Now, to the folks who are moving on. Amanda and Antonella thrilled the men, by frolicking in their swimsuits on the beach. These two obviously enraptured Simon and Randy. Though they could sing, we all know why they got passed through. So, here we are, once again, wondering, “Where is our eye candy?”

Then, finally, in walks Jenry Bejarano. He is only 16, ladies, but my, oh my, can he…sing. Christopher Richardson and Nicholas Pedro also added a little sweetness to the mix. Let’s hope that Nick keeps it up this time, and we see one of them in the finals.

So we end week two of Idol, and they’re off to Birmingham. We conclude by saying a few parting words from Isadore Furman. No. Wait. We can’t.


Anonymous said...

OMG, last night was great!

BTW - sorry to go a bit off topic but I read online that Season 4 American Idol Semi-Finalist Sarah Mather after being voted off AI has gone her own way looking find musical stardom.

Check out her taking her shot through the newest music competition, Music Nation (www.musicnation.com), an online video music competition that is giving 3 artists, one in each of the rock, pop and urban genre a recording contract with Epic Records….

Check out her video “Lost Then Found” http://www.musicnation.com/v53d

I wonder if any other AI alums will go this route???
(lets hope Latoya London does!!)

Anonymous said...

is this a plug for Sarah? Just wondering.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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