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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back from hiatus

I’m back, Tubers, and in the infamous words of Nick Lachey, “You can have what’s left of me.” Frankly, it’s not much. It’s been quite a month.

Those of you who’ve been faithfully visiting my site hoping for some TV news, a funny eagle-eyed TV observation, or just a cheap laugh, I’m sorry I’ve been out of commission for the last few weeks. It’s been a busy and difficult month, filled with a funeral, New Year’s Eve from the hospital, a bout of the flu and some sort of stomach ailment that had me convinced I was stricken with E. coli.

Then, Verizon DSL decided that its network server doesn’t like my computer anymore, and I’ve had no Internet connection for 11 days. After endless days of talking to technical support “experts” in Indonesia, who aren’t fluent in English, I was ready to “marque el dos para Espanol” on the automated prompt for Spanish, with the hope that I would remember my few years of college Spanish and fare better communicating my problems in a foreign language. Sad. But true. I’m posting this now from my temporary work-around, known as the slow and ancient world of dial up. Pray for me.

I plan to dish the TV scoop with you during the next few days, as well as give my annual review of The Golden Globes.

A brand new season of Tube Talk starts now. So, set your bookmarks and check it out daily. I have some fun things planned for 2007, including contests, a more user-friendly site design, and a nice cash payoff for anyone who can get me John Krasinski’s digits.

I’ve missed you!


Miles said...

Welcome back! I've been visiting daily wondering where you've been. We've missed you!!!!!

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