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Monday, January 22, 2007

Scrubs the musical

I admit I’m a musical theater junkie. That said, I’m always a little nervous when a television show tries to do a musical. Buffy the Vampire Slayer set the bar high. (Yes, I’m an enormous geek who owns the soundtrack from the Buffy musical and can sing all the lyrics. Mock me, if you must.)

When I heard the Scrubs gang was doing a musical, I admittedly was skeptical. Silly me. I should have known in the capable hands of show-runner Bill Lawrence and his talented cast, the result would be bloody brilliant.

I was most shocked that Dr. Cox has a voice to die for. (Pun intended.) That man should be on Broadway. Anyway, for those of you who missed Thursday’s show, here are two of my favorite numbers from the musical: Guy Love and Everything Comes Down to Poo. Warning: You will need Kleenex you’ll be laughing so hard. Enjoy!

Everything Comes Down to Poo

Guy Love


Anonymous said...

OMG. Can't breathe! Thanks for posting those.

tart said...

I loved the musical! It was sooooo good.

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