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Monday, January 22, 2007

American Idol premiere

As most of you know, I don’t blog about reality television, with the exception being Dancing with the Stars. That said, I know many of you are huge fans of American Idol. I don’t watch the show, as I don’t find it entertaining to tear people down. Nonetheless, American Idol is so popular that two Tube Talk readers have sent me their take on the show.

So, please welcome guest bloggers Becky and Bethany, who’ve taken time to blog their thoughts about the American Idol premiere. Thank you ladies! Folks, please show them some Tube Talk love.

American Idol
by Becky and Bethany

Don’t be down on us because we watch American Idol. It isn’t for everyone, and we know that. We just hope that you will enjoy our takes on this mindless form of entertainment that gets us through the dull days of winter. We are Becky and Bethany, and we are your link to what’s happening on Season six of American Idol.

Season six begins with auditions in Minneapolis, with singer/songwriter Jewell as a guest. Minneapolis can be summed up in just one name according to Simon: Jason Anderson. This poor 16-year-old juggler and dancer just couldn’t make the singing cut. Now, we know that Simon beats up on the contestants, and well, he wasn’t the best singer, but we give him props for auditioning. And of course, the American Idol editors had a field day with this one after the audition. There was actually a little bit of compassion on our part for this young boy, who obviously had hopes and dreams of becoming the next American Idol, that was until he broke out into a beeped-out rant about how the judges sucked.

Which brings us to the heart of American Idol. This show is going into its sixth season people. We all know that Randy will give some constructive criticism, Paula won’t give much of anything, and Simon will be hurtful, rude, crass, and cranky. Why, why, why do these people, who have to know that they are not American Idol material, expect it to be any different? That is why people watch the show. Now you can tell us that, “No I watch it for the music.” Yeah right. We know that you watch it to see if Randy can find someone for the “Dawg Pound”, if Paula will say anything that makes any sense, and to see how many people Simon can make cry or have a complete total breakdown. That is why American Idol is the number one show in the world! Now back to round one of auditions.

Minneapolis didn’t start or end well. Ten thousand people came to audition, and only 17 moved on to Hollywood. We were given everybody from the guy representing the Urban Amish, to Apollo Creed singing opera, to Trista playing the part of the Cowardly Lion. However there were some bright spots, and we do emphasize the word some. Perla the Columbian cutie who cracked at “Call Me,” by Blondie, but did good enough to get through a rendition of “Hips Don’t Lie,” by Shakira. Sarah Kruger paid homage to last year’s first runner-up Katherine McPhee, with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” And of course our own US military is represented by Jarrod Fowler, a member of the US Navy and Rachel Jenkins, a member of the US Army Reserve, whose husband is currently serving in Iraq.

Minneapolis ends with more tears of disappointment then tears of joy. Hopefully Seattle will bring a little bit more talent to the audition stage.

Ah Seattle, the city that brought Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and everything grunge; How could American Idol go wrong seeking talent here? Well as the song playing in the background by Milli Vanilli stated, let’s just “blame it on the rain.” Seattle sucked, or should we say soaked? We began with Brandon Graves from Wheeling WV; though he tried out last season, would he represent the mountain state in Hollywood? Well, if the red, white, and blue Uncle Sam costume was any indication, it was once again all heart and not much talent. We had everything from Jennifer Chapton, known as “the hotness,” who personally was a little too over-confident in abilities that just weren’t there, Darwin Reedy “the blond bombshell,” who’s wacky mom came with her, and even though she didn’t make it through, they still love AI, and David Mills, who attempted “Lean on Me.” All we can say about that was “ouch”. On a brighter note, there was some talent to be found in Seattle. We had brother and sister, Sanjaya and Shyamali, who are both great singers and moved on to Hollywood. But can the family togetherness that we all saw in Seattle last through the rigorous competition in Hollywood? And we also had Blake Lewis, with his beat-bop sound and crazy hair, who won Paula’s heart, which sent him moving on to Hollywood.

Day one in Seattle ended with Rudy Cardenas, 28, who gave a shout out to Randy’s old days in Journey, by singing a nice rendition of “Open Arms.” He moves on to Hollywood, and we move on to day two, with “Got to have Friends” playing in the background. We met two guys who are trying so hard to get that big break that they desperately desire and find friendship along the way: Kenneth Briggs and Jonathan Jayne, two guys who found friendship and nothing else. The American Idol panel of judges pulled no punches when it came to dismissing these two friends.

On a side note we actually felt sorry for Ryan Seacrest. It had to be hard being him in Seattle.

We need to keep our eyes on Anna Kearns, the six-foot-four- inch gal who belted out “RESPECT,” and Jordan Sparks, the 16-year-old who sang “Because you Loved Me” pretty decent and resembles Lisa Tucker from season five.

The last contestant of the evening, thankfully, from Seattle was Steven AKA “Red”. His unique rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, led us to believe that the phrase “you are tone deaf” is something that could actually be a real problem out there. But his interesting quote, “Don’t sing it, just bring it” and the “Don’t Cha” medley by the contestants who were humiliated, crushed, and shamed by Simon and the other “judges” ended the show, finally, and we are all left to only wonder what Memphis will bring to the table next week.

We hope that you find our rambles about a show that is mindless and moronic, funny and somewhat entertaining. Please feel free to leave us your comments about season six of American Idol. Try to be nice. We are new to this, and this is only something fun for us to try out. So until next week, this is Becky and Bethany, and we’ve got to get back to work!


Jillene said...

I have to say, this year Randy seems a little bit more rude than Simon.(shock) Sometimes just sitting there and laughing at someone is just as cruel as opening your mouth. I am not sure which one is worse. I do find it sad that quite a few of the "Singers" have no clue they suck.

tube talk girl said...

You'd think the producers would weed those folks out and let us see the people who almost make it who can kind of sing. But, I guess they don't find that entertaining.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I don't watch the beginning episodes...these people have absolutely no talent. I guess they try to let everyone have their fiftenn minutes of fame!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Randy seems a bit more meaner, Simon wasn't "as bad" though he was still pretty crude with his "bush baby" comment. I just wish they would do one week of the auditions and then go to Hollywood. That is what is funny to watch.

Anonymous said...

American Idol is ok to watch right now if you want a laugh. But, the good stuff isn't on until you get down to 24 people. Of course they will drag it out for another 4 weeks before we get to that point.

e2networks said...

American Idol Rocks

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