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Sunday, January 14, 2007

My movie debut in We Are Marshall

From now on, I’ll only be communicating with you through my publicist. I expect to drink only Evian water chilled to a perfect 43 degrees, and I’ll be traveling by private plane. You see, I’m officially a movie star.

I made my big-screen debut Dec. 22 in We Are Marshall as a glorified extra. Before my mom gets too excited, let me clarify exactly what that means. Extras are known in some circles as “background” or “nobodies,” i.e. the folks hired to react to the big stars’ speeches and actions. But, I don’t mind being “background,” because I actually appear onscreen with Matthew McConaughey in two scenes in the film. And I earned a respectable $105 for my one day of work.

You’ll be happy to know I haven’t let my big debut go to my head. I’m just kidding about that publicist stuff. From what I see, famous people are just like us, except they do a few stints in rehab, don’t wear underwear, and spill their souls to Barbara Walters. Who needs that?

For those of you who’ve called, e-mailed, etc. asking where you can spot me in the film, I can be seen several times in the press conference scene wearing the now infamous blue dress. (In my small social circle, that blue dress has become just as popular a conversation piece as that other famous blue dress worn by Monica.)

I am most visible in the scene where Coach Lengyel (McConaughey) meets the press for the first time. I play a reporter in the press corps and am standing throughout the scene, always to the left of McConaughey. As the camera switches angles, I’m on the right side of the room and then on the left side of the room. I can be seen several times in the bright blue dress shaking my head in disapproval of Lengyel’s comments and wardrobe choices. You can also hear my female voice yelling, “Coach, coach over here,” as I try to get the coach’s attention. My appearance is brief, so look quick.

The other scene I appear in is the day of the Xaviar game, as fans are walking by the coach’s house. Lengyel (McConaughey) walks onto the sidewalk, picks up his little boy, and is amazed at the number of fans going to the game. As he holds his son, you’ll see a lady in a gold coat walk by. That’s not me. I’m actually the second woman in a gold coat to walk by. (I guess there are actually two of us dressed in WVU colors.) I am smiling and chatting to my friend Trina, who is in a pink plaid wool coat. It’s very quick, but McConaughey nods to our group as we go by. I don’t look like me in either scene, as I have very short, teased 1970 hair.

Those of you looking for some fun bloopers, I noticed a couple things the second time I watched the film. They didn’t “fix” all the blooming dogwood trees on Merrill Avenue. (It was spring when we filmed that scene in Huntington, and the director told us they would use computer technology to make the trees look like autumn trees. I guess they missed a few.) Also, when Matthew Fox is on the roof of his shed, a modern-day SUV drives down the highway in the background.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you still have time. It’s still playing in some theaters. Reviews have been mixed. Some critics loved it. (Roeper of Ebert and Roeper gave it a thumbs up.) Other critics weren’t as kind. I thought the film was excellent, and that’s coming from a gal who has no love for football. I saw the movie in Bridgeport, and the theater was packed. The crowd laughed, cried, and cheered. At the end, the crowd erupted into applause. I’ve been only to one other film where that happened: Apollo 13. So, go see it for yourself and make up your own mind. If nothing else, it’s a story that will inspire you to go on with your life, no matter how dour the circumstances.

Thanks to all of you for leaving phone messages and e-mails about the film. My publicist will get back with you soon.


Kim said...

I saw you like four times. That blue dress really sticks out. LOL Congrats, Jen! I really enjoyed your story and the movie was excellent. I laughed and cried, too.

Anonymous said...

congrats on making the cut. I saw the movie and it was really good. So sad.

Whitney said...

I'm glad you are back. I have not seen the movie yet. It was between "We are Marshall" and "Rocky" and I lost. I will most likely by the movie when it comes out and watch it on DVD. I will bring it by so I can get your autograph. I'm so excited to watch and see someone I know it the movie.

tube talk girl said...

Whitney, you lost to Rocky? NOOOO!!! LOL It's still playing. Get to the theater, girl. It's too good not to see.

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