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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy: McSteamy’s Return

I’m not sure if the special effect in the final two minutes of Grey’s Anatomy was intentional or not, but the fact that steam rolled out of the bathroom at the exact moment Mark exited, wearing nothing but a towel and the gifts God gave him, was hilarious. We get it ABC: he’s McSteamy. I’m sold. Now, can he please stay in Seattle? And I’d like to be the first to start a petition that he should never wear a shirt. Towels are optional.

As for Addison, well, I was feeling sorry for her the entire hour as she came to the realization that her marriage was over. Her plan to get over her cheating husband seemed to be working: get drunk, dawn a funky hat and your ugliest outfit, vow to get fat as you consume your bodyweight in backed goods, and finish it off with a night of McSteamy sex with a man so hot it should make you say, “McDreamy who?” But, she didn’t exactly look pleased as the credits rolled.

Dr. Bailey ruled this episode. Chandra Wilson continues to wow me on a weekly basis. I just hope her talk will snap Izzie out of her Betty Crocker-therapy-exercise of baking love muffins. Don’t hate me, but this whole Denny story arc was a bust for me. The fact that Izzie fell for him so fast and went to such extremes never really seemed believable to me, despite Katherine Heigl’s beautiful performances. Nevertheless, I miss tough-girl, trailer-park Izzie.

Alex, you are dead to me. A dying woman in the bathroom? Seriously? And eww. Have you no shame?

Callie, on behalf of thick girls everywhere, I salute you. I’m so sick of seeing women who look like lollipops on television. Callie looks like a real woman. And she’s gorgeous. Kudos to the writers for giving her scenes where she’s dancing in her skivvies and showing off that brick-house body. But what was she thinking talking to her boss in her underpants? Who does that? The normal reaction to your boss catching you in your panties would be to to cringe in horror and frantically grab your clothes (unless your boss was McDreamy.) Callie has a zero-embarrassment meter. I guess we should just be glad she didn’t use the bathroom in front of the Chief.

As for Meredith, McVet and Derek, honestly, I really don’t care who she chooses. Either way is a win. Besides, I’m much more interested in the Addison, Mark, Derek story.


Becky said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that picture. I never noticed the "steamy" special effect. I must go rewatch that scene...too funny. Love the Izzie's "Love muffins" comment.

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