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Monday, October 16, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Smallville and Men in Trees

Grey’s Anatomy
A drugged-up Meredith Grey equals the best hour of television anywhere this week. This week’s Grey’s Anatomy was McFabulous. Where to start? Well, how about that “dirty mistress” Mark Sloan, who sold his practice and moved to Seattle, only to be told by his lover that he should go home. Ouch!

One of the best moments of the show was when the staff spotted Sloan being welcomed by the chief. “Oh my God,” Addison uttered, stopped cold in her tracks. “Oh my God,” echoed Derek, also stopped cold. And then of course, the entire staff geared up to watch the confrontation, as Meredith had a vomiting spell and Christina announced that Meredith was pregnant. Welcome to Seattle Grace, Dr. Sloan, where everybody knows your business.

On Sloan’s first day, his former best friend called him an “adulteress sociopath”, he totally disrespected my beloved Dr. Bailey, and he proved that his bedside manner with patients is sorely lacking. Apparently, McSteamy isn’t the touchy-feely type, except when he’s getting touchy-feely with Addison.

As for Meredith, I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed her so much. Can we keep her on painkillers from here on out? The scene where she had all her “boyfriends” in her hospital room was hilarious, especially when she tattled that George is a good kisser. Who knew? But the absolute best line of the night went to the drugged-up Meredith, upon seeing Dr. Sloan, she yelled across the hospital “McSteamy,” beckoning him to her bedside. "How's my favorite dirty mistress?" he replied, as a grin swept across that chiseled face. "Haven't you heard? Now I'm an adulterous whore," Meredith shot back loudly, which seemed to tickle McSteamy as much as it did me.

Derek also decided that he loved Meredith enough to walk away, and that Finn was the better man. Too bad Meredith had already kicked McVet to the curb, realizing that McDreamy was the one for her. The biggest shockers of the night were when bad girl Callie dumped George and picked up Mr. “Man Candy” Mark, and when George realized that Izzie is now rolling in bank, to the tune of $8.7 million. Gulp. Thanks to Denny, Izzie is loaded, and not as in spent too much time at the bar. I can’t wait until next week! (If you haven’t seen this week’s TV Guide, go get a copy, Tubers. McSteamy is gracing the cover, and he has some fun things to say in the interview.)

Veronica Mars lands some familiar TV faces
Veronica Mars,
sorority girl? Not so much. This week’s episode was signature Veronica Mars, as our favorite detective posed as a rush-week candidate to help catch a campus rapist. She bantered her way through floral dresses, serenading sorority sisters and keggers. We got a brief glimpse of Sheriff Lamb, (Yay!) Logan streaking, and plenty of Wallace proving he’s still too cool for school. Ah, good times. In addition, Keith Mars broke my heart during his crying scene, when he realized he was partly responsible for Kendall’s death. I can’t help but laugh at all the familiar TV faces popping up on this show. Apparently, the Mars folks are long-time TV fans, too. Last week, Professor Laskey from Saved by the Bell showed up as Veronica’s criminology professor. (Somewhere, Kelly Kapowski is so jealous.) This week, we saw Samm Levine (Neal) from Freaks and Geeks, Jason Beghe (Matt’s boyfriend Jeffrey) from Melrose Place, and a couple former soap stars: Robyn Richards (Maxie) from General Hospital and David Tom (Billy) from The Young and the Restless. I only have one complaint about the show. I don’t like the slowed-down version of the theme song. Give me back that peppy, “We used to be friends.”

Smallville meets Oliver Queen
Hello, Oliver Queen. Welcome to Smallville. Lois isn’t the only one smitten with the new guy and his killer aim. Who knew archery could be sexy? That smile could melt icecaps. Honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of the other comic-book characters coming to Smallville. Those are usually my least favorite episodes. (Sorry Flash and Aquaman.) But honestly, the archer has caught my interest, and I’m looking forward to his scenes with Clark. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana got horizontal, and Chloe is apparently now Jimmy’s girl, much to Clark’s uneasiness. It’s rare that a TV show, after more than four years, remains entertaining. But Smallville is just as good, if not better than ever before. Well done!

Men in Trees
Those of you missed this fun piece of escapism, get on board, now. Men in Trees is one of my favorite new shows. It had one rocky episode, but overall, it’s a keeper. Main-character Marin (Anne Heche), the wild animals, the kooky folks of Elmo and a sexy guy named Jack are why you should be watching. Well, that, and the fact that a little piece of all us wants to escape to Alaska and live among the animals.


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