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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tube News

CBS benches Smith
If you got attached to Smith, I’m sorry. CBS is benching the show “until further notice.” The decision is due to apparent lack of ratings. And here I thought Simon Baker shirtless could solve all ratings challenges. I guess not.

Good news for Heroes fans: NBC has ordered a full-season pickup of the fascinating new drama. I think those heroes may be using their superpowers to sway network decisions. If that’s the case, then I’m putting up an SOS for Veronica Mars. Who’s with me? Also, Hiro — my new favorite TV character season — has his own personal blog at NBC, check it out here.

Lost casting news
Nathan Fillion
— that’s Capt. Malcolm Reynolds to you Serenity Brown Coat fans — is set to join Lost for several episodes, according to E!Online Scoop Diva Kristin Veitch. Fillion’s character is intimately connected to Kate. Of course he is, because Sawyer and Jack just aren’t enough to keep that gal busy. Seriously, how do I get Kate’s job?

Tim Daly interview
Former TV stars are popping up on our screens everywhere and in the press. (See the next two blurbs for more.) Tim Daly, forever known to many TV fans as Joe on Wings, has a great interview at TV Guide about his amazing new show The Nine. Check it out. Also, for you former Wings fans, Joe’s brother Brian, actor Steven Weber, is currently starring in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now, if we can just get a gig somewhere for Helen.

Josh Jackson interview
Pacey Witter fans, former Dawson’s Creek star Josh Jackson did an interesting interview with Media Blvd. Magazine about his movie Aurora Borealis. Check it out here. Boy, do I miss Pacey.

David James Elliot interview
fans, David James Elliot spoke with TV Guide about his new job on Close to Home and his former role on JAG. Check it out here.

William Shatner game-show host
Denny Crane’s portrayer, William Shatner, is set to host a new trivia-based game show, Show Me the Money, for ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Move over Regis, Shatner will soon have as many jobs as that busy show talker.


lawgirl98 said...

"Lost"....Ah, it's good to see Sawyer channeling "Cool Hand Luke". "Ok,Boss". Yummy! Loved the Red Sox reference. But why stay on the island if you could leave?

At last, the French lady's daughter made contact! Why did they give Kate her dress? Stay tuned......

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