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Monday, October 02, 2006

Boston Legal, Dancing with the Stars and Smallville

Boston Legal

David E. Kelley
, why do you do this to me? Why? Adding new characters to a show is risky business. Sometimes it works (McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy) and sometimes viewers want to gouge their eyes out, rather than watch one more minute of the newbie (Eve on Angel.)

Last week on Boston Legal, two new attorneys showed up at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Craig Bierko and Constance Zimmer joined the cast and did an excellent job. But the fact is, there are already too many characters on the show who don’t get ample screen time. (Brad Chase, I’m talking to you.) Brad has had little to do the last two seasons and introducing newbies probably means even less screen time for “Buzz Lightyear.” Also, Bierko’s character seems a lot like Alan Shore, only in a prettier package.

The revolving door at Boston Legal has had so many new faces the last three years; I can hardly keep them straight. Enough already. Pick a main cast and keep it, already.

Even Denny Crane seemed shocked that more new characters were being added to the firm, when he imparted this line of wisdom in the opening segment, "Oh, please, if there were new guys they would have shown up in the season premiere.”

Cue the music. Court adjourned.

Dancing with the Stars

Adios Harry Hamlin. The battle rages on between some of the most talented celebrity dancers in the series’ history. It’s a toss up as to who the best dancer is, but my money is on AC Slater, um, Mario Lopez to win this thing. But Joey Lawrence and Monique Coleman are equally talented.

Last week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars was incredibly entertaining, even if the judges didn’t like all the acrobatics involved in the dances. Len “Mr.-Cranky-Pants” Goodman and his fellow judges angrily scolded Lopez and his partner for not following the rules of traditional ballroom dancing. Hmm…I think a little of “Zach Morris-the-rule-breaker” must have rubbed off on Lopez.

And if the dancers precarious moves weren’t enough to keep viewers glued to the TV, Monique Coleman mooned the audience when she caught her heel in her shimmy skirt and pulled it off her booty for a millisecond. And you thought Emmitt Smith doing the tango was the riskiest thing you were going to see that night.


Chloe Sullivan was packing heat. Clark battled Zod, who was inside Lex’s body. And Lana may never be able to make a latte again, after a nasty stab wound to the hand. Smallville’s season premiere neatly wrapped up all of last season’s cliffhangers and gave us a sense of where the season is headed: It seems that Clark Kent, by his very circumstance, is, and always will be, a loner.

It also seems that Clark is on the verge of discovering more powers and stopping even more evil; Chloe is on the verge of something with Jimmy Olsen, um, sorry, “James” Olsen; Clark is on the verge of something with Lois Lane; and Lana and Lex are on the verge of getting horizontal any day.

On a side note, why do you suppose all the crazy Krypton baddies have a thing for countries south of the border? First, Fine took his creepy cloning spaceship to Central America, and now it appears the villains that escaped with Clark from the Phantom Zone are zipping around Argentina. I bet it won’t be long before they find Smallville.

Finally, my thanks to the writers for addressing the Clark/Chloe kiss in the season premiere. But, color me confused, as to whether Clark has romantic feelings for our favorite reporter or not. Chloe downplayed the kiss as a meaningless “end-of-the-world” incident and that she wasn’t expecting them to hook up. But the look Clark gave her, and his unconvincing “Me neither” comment, said otherwise. And yes, Tubers, I agree with you guys that Clark looked jealous of Jimmy. Clark seemed to realize that Chloe might actually be moving on, and he didn’t look happy.

So there you have it. By the promo ads, it’s clear that the CW is promoting the Lois/Oliver/Clark triangle. So, I’m not sure if Clark/Chloe/Jimmy will even be a blip on the radar. But one thing’s for certain: I’ll be tuning in each week to see.


Miles said...

I agree...more Brad Chase. He's fun and the perfect nemesis for Alan Shore.

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