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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tube News: Bones, The View, Psych and Charlie's Angels

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Bones casts former star of The Practice
This season, we’ll finally get to meet that fool-of-a-woman who refused to marry Booth (David Boreanaz) on Bones. Jessica Capshaw, formerly of The Practice, has been cast as the mother of Booth’s child, according to TV Guide. What, you were thinking it was Lara Flynn Boyle? Yeah. Me, too. I can so picture Flynn Boyle squaring off against Boreanaz, especially after her she-devil performance on Las Vegas that ended with her flying, literally, off the roof. I digress. Capshaw landed the role of Booth’s baby mama, and I couldn’t be more pleased that the show is delving more into the characters’ private lives. (I love character-based drama!) I’m praying somebody asks her why she’d kick Booth to the curb. Despite his poor fashion sense with those horrid skinny ties he wears, the man is good stock. What was she thinking?

Debbie Matenopoulos returns to The View
You thought I was joking a couple weeks ago in the “Star Jones Reynolds fired post" when I said that “somewhere Debbie Matenopoulos is doing cartwheels.” Well, yes, I was joking, but as fate would have it, the plucky blonde is headed home to The View. She’s slated to drop by the chat fest on July 25. In related news, the ratings for the first week of The View, sans Star, skyrocketed to numbers not seen since 2004 and broke the top five in the coveted demographic for women ages 18-49. The show saw a 5 percent bump in total viewers from the previous week. Somewhere, Star Jones Reynolds is…oh, nevermind.

Psych’s a hit!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching Psych! You have my eternal gratitude. It’s not often I actually love a show, pimp it to you and wal-lah, it turns into a hit. (R.I.P. Invasion, Jack & Bobby and Eyes.) But it seems Psych did well enough in its debut for the USA network to tout it as “the year’s No.1 new original series.” Well done, Tubers! The debut episode racked up more than 6 million viewers. The follow-up episode with Gus obsessing about the spelling bee was classic, too. And Dulé Hill looks yummy in pink. Who knew? And I love it when shows give us the bloopers at the end. Bravo!

Charlie’s Angels TV reunion?
Could Jill, Kelly and Sabrina be reunited soon on the small screen? The Tabloid Whore is reporting that Henry Winkler, better known as The Fonz, is trying to put together a Charlie’s Angels 30-year-reunion television special for the former Angels. Winkler previously helped put together the reunion shows for Happy Days, Dallas, Knots Landing and Dynasty. Wow, 30 years. Do I feel old. Has it been that long since feathered hair and polyester bell-bottoms were considered vogue? Don’t answer that. TV reunions never get old for us TV-loving types. Check out the fun-a-paloozas that were the Happy Days reunion and The Brady Bunch reunion.


Chris Evans said...

Love Psych. So glad it's number one in the ratings.


With The Closer, Monk, Psych, Rescue Me, and a few others--it looks like the wrath of the cable revolution is taking its course.

tube talk girl said...

Love Rescue Me and Monk, too! Good stuff.

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