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Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Las Vegas" scoop

by Jennifer Squires Biller

TV Guide columnist Michael Ausiello posted some scoop about the upcoming season of Las Vegas. It appears Danny and Delinda aren’t finished, and they’ll “spend much of this coming season’s second episode having sex.” No big surprise there. Could you really see Delinda trading in her Jimmy Choos to go off with her doctor boyfriend to third-world countries? Me either. Also during the same episode, Ausiello reports that the Montecito employees are required to attend a seminar on sexual harassment. This should be good. Apparently, Mary publicly goes after Danny during the session, for getting his honey where he gets his money... Hello, Pot this is the Kettle calling.

As for the new season, I hope the Las Vegas writers re-watch their previous shows during the summer hiatus. Then, hopefully, they’ll remember that they introduced the delicious Dean Cain as Sam’s one true love. The fact that she’s fine with him dating Mary makes me crazy. I want to see more Casey and Sam, and hopefully they’ll keep Woody in Boston. (On a personal note, I recently got the Lois & Clark DVDs which re-sparked my celebrity crush on Cain. So, I’ve decided to somehow work Cain into my column each week. This could be fun.) Consider yourself warned.


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