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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Smallville: Chloe gets a love interest

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Someone sedate me.

It appears Smallville’s Chloe may finally be getting a love interest who doesn’t have heat vision. And it’s none other than Jimmy Olsen, the famous photographer in the Superman canon, according to TV Guide.

Aaron Ashmore has been cast as Olsen. He previously played the boyfriend (Troy Vandegraff,) of my other favorite snarky blonde, Veronica Mars. Smallville fans, remember that Chloe has mentioned Jimmy before, as it was implied in one episode that she had a fling with the photo-guy during her internship at The Daily Planet. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice a resemblance between Olsen and one of Clark’s former freak-of-the-week enemies, Eric Summers. Ashmore’s twin brother, Shawn, guest starred as Summers, who tried to zap Clark’s powers.

I couldn’t be happier that Chloe is finally getting a storyline of her own. She’s been crushing on Clark for too long (not that I blame her, the guy is smoking hot and he does have super powers.) Who knows, maybe Clark will realize that his Girl Friday is more than just a pal when someone else starts paying attention to her. Or maybe this will finally snuff out all hope for fans who keep waiting for a Clark/Chloe hookup. (Namely me.) For those of you who refuse to give up your Chlark-loving ways, and didn’t catch their fantastic kiss in the finale, check it out at You Tube. But do it quickly, as with all You Tube content, I don’t know how long it has before it gets pulled.


Anonymous said...

According to Smallville writers, Warner Bros. didn't want Clark and Lois to be romantic on the show to avoid dampening anticipation for the movie. Rumor has it now that the movie is out, Warner Bros. wants Smallville to set up Clark romantically with Lois on the show to help sell the dvds. The 180 degree reversal from the Chlark kiss in Vessel to Chloe dating Jimmy is to make way for Clark to become interested in Lois. They are pushing her on the ads and in the storylines and pushing back Chloe next season.

Anonymous said...

i'll never give up chlark! ;)

tube talk girl said...

Thanks for the info. That makes sense. I noticed that Lois was front and center in the ads, instead of Lana now. Why did they even toy with us? :)

Anonymous said...

UGHHH!!!!! Why couldn't they get someone to rival Clark in the looks department. Chloe deserves a HOT guy.

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