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Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Rescue Me" renewed, new spoilers and Taylor Dayne?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Someone sound the alarm, Truck 62 will ride on for another season. FX has renewed Rescue Me for a fourth season, according to Zap2It. The show has increased its ratings by about 10 percent since last year, now drawing about 2.9 million viewers per week. Rescue Me has been a hot topic of conversation among TV fans and critics this summer, after a controversial sexual-assault scene between antihero Tommy and his ex-wife Janet.

Speaking of Tommy and Janet, did you see this week’s “payback” from Janet? I swear those two are the most dysfunctional couple on television. Or to semi quote my friend Bob, “It’s like watching an episode of Jerry Springer.”

In other Rescue Me news according to TV Guide, one major character will die, another will tie the knot, and a third will suffer a stroke. (I think it may be Johnny who has a stroke, after he finds out that Janet has been making booty calls with his brother again.) Kidding, folks. But, seriously, how much are you looking forward to that scene when it all comes out?

As for Tommy’s new “love interest,” Marisa Tomei is brilliant in the part. Can we keep her as a series regular? Watching her instruct Tommy on the intricacies of faux making-out was hysterical.

Finally, I may be totally outing myself here as an '80s aficionado, but did my eyes deceive me or was that pop star Taylor Dayne as the restaurant hostess/whistle blower? Yep, I’m suddenly yearning to hear Tell it to my Heart.


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