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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tube news: Bones, South Park, The O.C., and 24

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Bones casting news
Dr. Brennan
is getting a new boss this season, according to Michael Ausiello at TV Guide. Tamara Taylor, (who played Walt’s mother on Lost,) has snagged the role of the sexy new doctor. The fate of Brennan’s current boss, Dr. Goodman (the enjoyable Jonathan Adams) doesn’t look good, Ausiello said. “I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of (him) this season.”

South Park’s Scientology episode
The controversial Scientology-Tom Cruise spoofing episode of South Park is scheduled to air on Comedy Central on July 19, according to Variety. The episode is titled “Trapped in the Closet” and was pulled from the May schedule earlier this year.

The O.C.’s final season?
This is probably the final season for The O.C., according to E!Online’s Kristin Veitch. She reported that her sources on set are anticipating the show to end this year. It was only renewed for 16 episodes, instead of 22 this season, and it’s up against ratings killers Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. I don’t know, I think killing Marissa could do wonders for the ratings. Am I alone here?

24 casting news
Former Ally McBeal star Peter MacNicol, better known as The Biscuit, is joining the cast of 24 as a series regular. He’ll “play a high-ranking government official who becomes embroiled in Jack Bauer's latest day from hell,” according to TV Guide. MacNicol will continue his full-time role on CBS’ Numbers.


TVFan said...

I'm not a loyal OC viewer, but I have to agree with your Marissa assessment. You would think that her departure would help the ratings, but it seems she has legions of fans who are not happy about her untimely death. I'm more of a Summer girl, myself. :-)

tube talk girl said...

Summer rules. I also LOVE Taylor Townsend.

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