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Monday, February 02, 2009

Scrubs ending this year

Photo: Scrubs' star Zach Braff

Speculate no more. Scrubs is finished.

Creator Bill Lawrence announced that the show will end after this season, during a talk at his alma mater, the College of William and Mary, according to The Daily Press.

Scrubs is currently in its eight season. It spent seven years on the NBC network, before jumping to ABC this year.

A new crop of interns was introduced this season with the idea that the show potentially could continue if star Zach Braff left this year. But, Lawrence and Braff decided it was time to go.

Thank you, Mr. Lawrence. There’s nothing worse than watching a show that was once spectacular disintegrate into something that barely resembles its former self. (Hello, Dawson’s Creek.)

Lawrence spilled some details about what will happen this season. We’ll finally learn the janitor’s name. Yes, he has one, other than “Janitor.” And Ted will get a girlfriend who shares his love of music.

So what do you think, Tubers? Are you happy that Scrubs will go out on a high note, or were you hoping it would stick around another year with the new cast?

Yeah, I already know the answer, but feel free to tell me otherwise in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

i love scrubs and i just watched the ending and i think they should have gone for at least one more season, its truely a shame. im goona miss it.

Tomas said...

i've never seen anything that sad on tv as the last episode, or, anything that made me that sad...

Anonymous said...

i didnt even know it was ending, as im watchin the last episode, im like hmmm this looks *like its ending for good, and low and behold, they are goners....sucks to see such a good show down the drain...yeah i have to admit it did change in the last year or so, but it was still funny/.....

Ray said...

I love how for once JD says that his fantasy "will" come true, so you got to see what might/will happen in everyone's future...ended perfectly. Not sure how else they could have wrapped it all up. It ended how everyone that watched the show wanted it to end. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

hmm scrubs is ending after almost 10 yrs of the best tv show ever

now it's going 2 be a nother er or all saints

its screwd up my fav show and i only found out about it in 2007 i wish i watched it from the begining

FOREVER SCRUBS LEGACY i hate it how the cast will never be together they will never work all together u will never see the funnest of scrubs again god it was the best IF IT TURNS INTO A SHITTY SHOW ILL BE PISSED love that show XXXXXX

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