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Friday, February 06, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Superbowl commericals

by Ashley Gouveia

While many people tuned in to the Super Bowl last Sunday to see which team, the Arizona Cardinals or the Pittsburgh Steelers, would walk away as the champions, I have to admit I wasn’t one of them. To be perfectly honest, my football season pretty much ends when the New England Patriots stop playing. I instead tuned in to watch the numerous ads that were sure to get people talking. Here are my choices of some of the most memorable.

Heroes of the Gridiron: I loved this commercial! Not only was it of one of my favorite shows, (yes, I’m still watching!) but it was great to see the cast in a fun setting like that. It was the Heroes vs. NFL legends. Peter, Nathan, Claire, Hiro, Ando and Parkman were all in attendance. Even Noah and Mama Petrelli were on the sidelines which was awesome. I loved when Claire charged in and broke all her bones and then Ando told Hiro to “save the cheerleader” and he yelled “Later!” I thought that was hysterical. As well as Hiro’s little dance after completing a big play. Jerry Rice called in reinforcements with a flying John Elway making an appearance. Parkman’s line about him knowing that Elway was one of them had me laughing. This was definitely one of my favorite commercials of the night.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for Bridgestone: Who didn’t have a Mr. Potato Head at one time in their life? I certainly did. So when I saw this commercial I thought it was really funny. Mrs. Potato Head was driving in the car with her husband and she won’t stop nagging him. They almost hit a bunch of sheep and when they come to a stop her mouth falls off and over the cliff. While I’m sure this made Mr. Potato Head happy, Mrs. Potato Head then switched her eyes to those of extreme anger and fury. If she can’t verbalize her frustration she’s was going to give him the death stare.

Audi 2009- Car chase: How can a commercial go wrong when it has Jason Statham in it? It really can’t. The actor from Transporter fame goes through the last couple of decades to find the perfect getaway car. It’s not until he arrived in 2009 did he find the one that was just right. I think Lost’s Hurley needs to get himself this car, pronto.

LMAO Syndrome-NBC Thursday lineup: I think this was the ad that made me laugh the most. Of course, after watching this I had the urge to hold my laughter in. The woman with the cooler, the unsuspecting woman who laughed her butt off, literally, when watching the Thursday night comedy lineup were all hysterical. It was a clever commercial that took a much-used online acronym in the literal sense.

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Let me know in the comments.

Check out my favorite below.

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Anonymous said...

check it was the Arizona Cardinals

tube talk girl said...

Thanks for the correction. I fixed it!

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