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Friday, February 13, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: TV's best couples

by Ashley Gouveia

In honor of Valentine’s Day this Saturday, I decided that this would be the best time to make my list of television’s best and most memorable couples. There have been so many couples over the years that have left an impact on viewers so it was definitely a task to narrow it down. Whether these duos are breaking up, making up, or fighting to the death one cannot deny the sparks that fly in the process.

Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): These two were the definition of “star-crossed lovers”. A vampire in love with the Slayer, like Giles once said, “It’s rather poetic.” This couple had everything against them. He was more than 100-years old, and she was a high school student. Not to mention that she killed his species for a living. His basic instinct was to kill her, but instead he fell in love with her. Their story was filled with love and hate, but we never stopped rooting for them. Even when he turned evil and, she was going to kill him, we still hoped they would find a way back to each other. They did, for a while, but like any “star-crossed” couple they split apart. Buffy and Angel’s love story was one of the highlights of the series and deserve the top spot on this list.

Ross and Rachel (Friends): The fans only waited 10 years for these two to finally wake up and realize they belonged together. They had many trials and tribulations in their often-rocky relationship (remember the “we were on a break” debacle?), but they never stopped caring about each other. They were still friends, after all they had been through. Their first kiss at Central Perk is one of those memorable moments in TV history that fans will certainly never forget.

Jack/Kate/Sawyer (Lost): Okay, so I couldn’t choose which pair was better. The truth is that both men have amazing chemistry with Kate. I’m sure there are fans out there who could choose with no problem about which pair they would rather watch onscreen. I think the appeal of these two men with Kate is that they both have a very different type of relationship with her. Jack makes Kate a better person when she’s with him. He helped her through the weirdness that is the island. On many occasions he has been a source of strength for her. Sawyer and Kate have this amazing connection and sizzling attraction. Also, when they are together we get to see a softer side to Sawyer, which is always a nice thing to see.

These are my choices of the best couples of TV past and present. Which couples would make your list? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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MF said...

Logan and Veronica Mars - to quite the show, they were epic. For me at least. :)

tube talk girl said...

I have to go with Ben and Felicity and Pacey and Joey. No "couples" list is complete without them!

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