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Friday, February 27, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy needs Addison Montgomery

by Jennifer Squires Biller

After watching the Private Practice-Grey’s Anatomy crossover, one thing is clear. Seattle Grace needs Addison Montgomery.

When she left the show for the Private Practice spin-off, I was sorely disappointed. She was one of my favorite characters on Grey’s, until she down spiraled and slept with Alex. But I digress.

Grey’s Anatomy has suffered without Addison. This season, we’ve watched tortured Izzie have a fling with a ghost, Callie trying out life as a lesbian, and Bailey turning into a softer surgeon with an eye on pediatrics. George, who used to be a highlight, has had about five minutes of screen time, Cristina is the same as always, except angrier, and Meredith, well, she’s still Meredith, treating her sister like dirt, wallowing in her depression, and looking forward to a life with McDreamy.

Grey’s lost its punch after Addison departed. Maybe it’s all the behind-the-scenes drama having an effect, with rumors swirling daily that Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight both want out of the show. I’m not sure. But I know the show had its sparkle back for those two brief crossover episodes.

Kate Walsh has off-the-charts chemistry with Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane, is a valued pal for Dr. Bailey, and breathes excitement into every scene. I didn’t realize how much I missed her as part of the ensemble, until she was back walking the halls of Seattle Grace.

I loved the little details the Grey’s writers gave us about Derek and Addison’s past, during the crossover. He wrote her a song for their wedding! (Admittedly, that little ditty was stuck in my head for a couple days, after Taye Diggs and the gang broke out in song, “Addison Montgomery, I met her in the summer. She…” Hilarious.) I'm sorry to all the Mer-Der fans out there, but Addison and Derek have a long history that is compelling and needs to be further explored.

Please, Addison, come back to Grey’s Anatomy. We need you.


JP said...

I have to disagree I thought the crossover episode were a waste of time - they I do enjoy Kate Walsh on the show.

tube talk girl said...

Really? I so enjoyed her visit and wish she'd stay. I even enjoyed Taye and Bailey's scenes. I could have done without Archer though, but for the most part, it was nice seeing a part of Derek's past and the person he used to be. I thought it gave a little insight into his character.

Thanks for commenting, even though we disagree. :)

Anna said...

Having given up on Greys last season I tuned in for the crossover after seeing the ads about the return of Addison.

The first crossover week was fantastic and the Addison/Derek backstory was great. Too bad the show is catered to the teenage MerDer fans. Having said that, last week's conclusion was painfully over-the-top and back to histronics with Derek and Mark brawling like 12 year olds. And by then Addison had fled back to LA(and who can blame her !)

I've caught a few episodes of Private Practice this season and actually enjoyed it much more than Greys so I might eventually get round to catching up on that show. It's certainly improved from it's strike-hit first season and Kate Walsh is always watchable in anything.

Julie said...

I agree with JP. If they wanted Addison on GA they should have kept her there. I like Kate Walsh but I don't need her anymore on GA. Mark and Derek wouldn't be friends if she had stayed.

Anonymous said...

I love Addison and was very happy when the spinoff was announced but Private Practice is terrible. I tried watching every episode but couldn't make it through one episode straight without skipping lots of scenes. Addison on Private Practice is different from Addison on Grey's. She's drippy and doesn't help cut on Private Practice's cringe factor. Please! Bring Addison back! PS. She does have lots of chemistry with Derek. Mark's character basically does nothing except have sex. Perhaps having Addison back will bring some depth (like how he felt about the abortion)

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