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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scott Speedman and Robert Buckley – separated at birth?

Photos: Actors Robert Buckley (left) and Scott Speedman (right)

by Jennifer Squires Biller

It’s no secret that part of my obsession with the TV show Felicity was actor Scott Speedman. "Felicity" moved herself cross-country to chase after “Ben,” and well, I have every episode on DVD to satisfy my Speedman fix. So, you could say I’m somewhat of an expert on the subject.

Frankly, my TV viewing just hasn’t been the same without my weekly dose of Speedman, who has now moved on to the big screen, along with my gal “Felicity,” actress Keri Russell. So, imagine my surprise when I happened on an episode of Lipstick Jungle last season, and I literally paused the DVR to ask myself how Speedman was starring on this show and I didn’t know about it.

The short answer was that on further examination, the six-pack abs didn’t belong to Speedman, but an actor by the name of Robert Buckley, who is a dead ringer for Speedman.

Their mannerisms are similar, and from time to time, it’s eerie how similar they seem. So, if you miss “Ben,” too, then check out Buckley in Lipstick Jungle. The show is pretty good, too.


joy said...

THANK you.

I've been calling Kirby Scott Speedman-lite for ages now. :-)

And, I'm happy someone else is watching LJ, too. It's not bad, actually, and WAY better than Cashmere Mafia ever thought of being.

Though, I know the numbers aren't great - I just need them to keep it on long enough for Victory to finally get together with Joe.

tube talk girl said...

I'm really enjoying Lipstick Jungle this season. Last season, it didn't seem to click for me, but this year it's firing on all cylinders. Bumping up the Kirby time has helped! :)

Cashmere Mafia was just painful.

Did you see that rock Joe sprung for? Wow. That was some serious bling.

joy said...

Loved that ring. Loved that he went for Cartier, instead of the little blue box up the street. Loved that he still hasn't returned it. Sigh.

I was actually surprised that they had Nico go back to Kirby and actually *try* to make it a real relationship. He could have easily just been disposable boy candy. Someone within TPTB must like him.

Anonymous said...

I thought that too watching the show - they even share the same smile. Such a shame it's been cancelled - it was lovely to see the ever youthful Andrew McCarthy back for weekly viewing.

Anonymous said...

So I saw the advertisement for Flirting with Forty on Lifetime. I was like I have to record that it's Scott Speedman- I was shocked to find out that it wasn't Scott. He looks just like him!

Anonymous said...

I just watched "Flirting with Forty" and was convinced that Robert Buckley was Scott Speedman, with the exception of his voice, which seemed different, so I looked on www.imdb.com to confirm who I was watching and then Googled "Robert Buckley Scott Speedman" out of curiousity and was happy to learn that I'm not alone in my assessment. As a past "Felicity" devotee, I enjoyed seeing Scott's look-a-like on "Flirting" and will HAVE to start watching "Lipstick Jungle." Wait - is he still on that show? Or is that show still on? Note: I prefer Scott Speedman. No offense, Robert. :)

tube talk girl said...

Lipstick is about to air its season finale this week. It's supposedly not coming back...stay tuned to find out if NBC picks it up.

Robert just signed on to the CW show Privileged which I LOVE!!!!!

tube talk girl said...

Flirting with 40 was good. Heather Locklear looked fantastic.

joy said...

Please don't remind me about my Lipstick Jungle. I'm not gonna lie - I cried like a baby when Joe and Victory got back together. And when they were at Coney Island.

I want them to release a Complete Series LJ DVD set. I'd totally buy it. Sigh.

(I am SO surprised that I'm still watching this show.)

Anonymous said...

NOWAY! he deffenitly looks like SIMON BAKER! ;)

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