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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grey’s Anatomy: Stop the Izzie madness!

by Jennifer Squires Biller

As a Grey’s Anatomy fan, I’ve put up with a lot of antics from Izzie Stevens.

Surgery on a deer. Check.
Hooking up with her best friend, George, who happened to be married. Check.
Standing outside for an entire day staring at the hospital door. Check.

But her latest shenanigans of having sex with ghost Denny top it all. Say it with me. “Ewww!”

The Denny/Izzie love fest was nauseating enough the first time around. Round two with Denny, the ghost, is downright unwatchable. If it weren’t for my fast forward button, I would have possibly gauged out my eyes, if I had to watch one more minute of dead Denny and somber, possibly crazy Izzie.

Izzie used to be fun, competitive, and able to kick serious butt. Remember her fight with Callie? Now, she’s a flaky, sentimental, shell of herself.

Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes recently told Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that the Izzie/Denny storyline is one of her favorite ever on the show. (Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Did she forget about Addison, or McSteamy’s arrival, or Bailey’s marriage woes?)

Rhimes said, "I think the love triangle with Denny, Izzie and Alex is among the most interesting we've ever done. Watching the chemistry between Jeffrey and Katherine again has been really touching. I can't wait for our viewers to see where we're taking it. But what it won't involve is Izzie having a brain tumor."

Am I the only one disappointed that a brain tumor isn’t responsible for this nonsense? Then, at least, it would make sense as to why one of my former favorite doctors is now nearly the most irritating. (Mean Meredith Grey still holds the number one spot of disdain on my list.)

Note to Shonda Rhimes: Please end Izzie’s suffering soon and by extension, mine. This storyline is sucking the life out of what’s left of Izzie and Grey’s Anatomy.


Kim said...

Here, here! I hate this storyline. It's completely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I liked Denny the first time around but I never understand how she could be so devastated by someone she just met.

obxrulz said...

Hate it.

spikeme20 said...

I read where ABC is doing a focus group study to test audiences reaction to this plot. Can't they save money and come on the Internet. It's painfully clear how much people hate this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1-
Consider yourself lucky.

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