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Friday, November 07, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Checking in with One Tree Hill

by Ashley Gouveia

This week’s One Tree Hill left me frustrated with some of my beloved characters. During this episode Peyton, Brooke and Lucas were all making decisions that left me rolling my eyes at multiple times. Why didn’t Peyton just tell Lucas about Julian before the inevitable happened and Lucas found out on his own? Why did Brooke decide she could only be a foster parent and have no life of her own? Lastly, why was Lucas trying to figure out the complexities of Dan Scott?

Is there anyone out there that likes Sam? I’m trying not to hate her, but her character just doesn’t add anything to the show for me. She’s constantly screwing up and seems to really not learn her lesson at all. The stunt she pulled last week with Jamie was over the line. I thought that Haley would have been a little hesitant with leaving Jamie in her care again, but I guess not. Brooke has been extremely nice to her and I can’t help but wonder why.

Speaking of Brooke, I don’t quite understand her decision to not date Owen. First, who wouldn’t want to date Owen? Second, why can’t she be a role model to Sam and still have a life. I just don’t see why she had to choose. Maybe she just really wasn’t in to Owen anymore and decided they were better off as friends. I’m not a big fan of this foster mother storyline for Brooke. I hope her story becomes more interesting as the season goes on. Was that Julian flirting with Brooke in the promo for next week? Now that could be interesting.

I have to admit that I was surprised by how serious Peyton and Julian were when they were dating. I had assumed that he was just a fling that she had in LA after her breakup with Lucas. But they were really in love with each other. Their flashback scenes were chock full of chemistry. Once he dropped that paper jam metaphor I knew he was in. Peyton sure does love those deep metaphors from the heart.

Lucas is getting his first book made into a movie and was in charge of writing the screenplay. He had trouble with writing the Keith murder scene which is understandable. I just think he was putting too much thought into how Dan would be portrayed. Up until now he had no problem with feeling like Dan was a monster for killing his uncle. Now he wasn’t sure how he should write him in that scene. There have been times where I felt bad for Dan and he has come through on a couple of occasions. He saved Jamie and Haley from the psycho nanny. But there’s no going back for Dan’s character.

One person that I was happy with was Nathan. He decided to give up Slam Ball after he almost got injured again. I really liked that scene when Jamie told him not to play anymore. Nathan deciding to give it up was a great moment for his character. It just shows us how far he has come. The Scott family scene at the end was adorable too. They need to have more screen time together.

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