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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Friday Night Lights cuts cast

Photo credit: NBC, Gaius Charles (Smash Williams) and Scott Porter (Jason Street)

I didn’t see this coming.

Smash Williams and Jason Street won’t be regular characters on Friday Night Lights this season.

Gaius Charles (Smash) and Scott Porter (Jason) have been taken off contract and will appear only as recurring characters, according to Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly.

I’m a little nervous about these changes. Smash and his ego certainly kept things hopping in Dillon, and Jason has been the heart of the show since its inception. What do you think, Tubers? Will FNL be the same without two of its original Panthers?


fnl4ever said...

NOOOO. I love Smash. He and his ego as you put it are one of the highlights for me. I kind of wondered how they would sustain Jason's story, though. He's been sort of out of the loop of the gang for some time now.

Anonymous said...

I think Tim and Lyla are the new couple, so Jason's part is understandably dispensable. Sad as it is that he's the one whose story started the entire thing.

Kim said...

When is the show coming back, Jennifer, do you know?

tube talk girl said...

Oct. 1 if you have Direc TV. For the rest of us, winter. :( Don't kill the messenger.

Bec said...

Welcome to the world of tube talk Parker Donovan!!!!

:) love ya Jen!

JasonBice15 said...

Here is some more info about season 3


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