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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beverly Hills 90210 remake update: Shannen Doherty is in!

Brenda Walsh is headed back to 90210.

Take a minute to digest it. I know I did.

Yes, the same Shannen Doherty who feuded with cast mates and showed up late so many times that Aaron Spelling released her from the original Beverly Hills 90210. It appears old wounds have healed, and she’ll appear in the 90210 remake on the CW this fall, according to E! Online’s Watch With Kristin.

Of all the former Beverly Hills 90210 stars, Doherty is the one I least expected to be involved in the upcoming remake of the show. Her red-dress fight with Jennie Garth and numerous other scuffles with Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and other cast mates were popular Hollywood topics during the show’s heyday.

It’s unclear how many episodes Doherty will be involved in.

In related news, Tori Spelling won’t appear in the season premiere, due to personal reasons, E!Online is reporting. She is a new mom and apparently isn’t quite ready to return to work yet.

As for other former cast member, Luke Perry, who played popular Dylan Walsh, he has said he won’t do the show.

I was never a big fan of Brenda or Donna, so this news doesn’t excite me much. The only characters I really care to see resurrected are Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Brandon Walsh, Andrea, and Nat. And I hope there’s plenty of screen time for cuties Lori Loughlin and Rob Estes, who are playing the parental units on this new remake.


Don King said...

How come Shannen Doherty hasn't appeared on any reality shows? I would love to watch her on the apprentice, the Surreal life or Celeb rehab. I know She would have her own reality show by now. If Tori Spelling can get a show as boring as she is, then Shannen's show would be a hit for sure. They are giving reality shows to anybody who is close to being famous.
Check out how crazy Hollywood is. I work with Motorola, right. They set up a web site for Danica Patrick. She’s the race car driver that just became the first woman to win in the Indy car race series.
There is a Talk Show Spoof Video on the site. It’s pretty funny. The reason why I’m telling you this is that she might be getting a real talk show. How crazy is that; getting a real show off a spoof show? Only in America!

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