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Friday, July 04, 2008

Alan Alda and Wayne Rogers interview video

M*A*S*H fans who missed the reunion/interview yesterday between Alan Alda (Hawkeye) and Wayne Rogers (Trapper), I’ve got you covered.

Here is the video from the reunion. Those of you who just found M*A*S*H on TV Land and are new viewers, be warned. Hawkeye and Trapper look a little different these days!


michael said...

Thanks Jen for posting this. I loved MASH and it's so good to see these guys together again, stil laughing, decades later.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea Alan Alda had been nominated for an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar etc. all in the same year.

Jim Werdell said...

Dear Jennifer,

A friend forwarded this to me. Thanks for including it on your site.

I happen to be the "Mensa CEO" mentioned in the second video. There is no question in my mind that M*A*S*H was an exceptional show.

Alan mentions that the "top ten" list I generated was not meant to be in any particular order, but if I were to order the shows M*A*S*H would certainly be #1 or #2. The dialogue was brilliant, the myriad of characters vivid and believable, and the storylines incomparable.

It certainly earned the many Emmys it received.

Anonymous said...

I found this video clip just wonderful. Wayne Rogers still has it. Its nice to see Wayne Rogers and Alan Alda together. Lydia in Colorado

tube talk girl said...

Thanks, Jim, for stopping by! Welcome to Tube Talk.

I think The West Wing and All in the Family were two of the smartest shows to ever grace television. It's a shame we don't see more quality like that on today's television.

Anonymous said...

As a DEVOTEE MASH FAN it was great to see this segment with these 2!!!!!Thank You! Tony

Anonymous said...

OMFG! I just stumbled across this by accident today and I am so very glad I did! I love both of these guys! I watch Wayne Rogers on Cashin' In on Fox News every Saturday morning and I love any movie or show that Alan Alda does! This was even released on my birthday last year! I wish I'd have seen it on TV! Would have been a great birthday gift! Thanks for posting!

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