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Friday, July 18, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: TV's cutest kids

Photo: CW, actor Jackson Brundage of One Tree Hill

by Ashley Gouveia

One of the most important elements in any good TV show is the acting performances. Sure, we’ve got Patrick Dempsey, Tina Fey and Steve Carell just to name a few. But sometimes, some of the most appealing and endearing performances come from the tiny young actors every week. In honor of our very own Tube Talk Girl’s little bambino, (Congrats Jen!), I decided to name my favorites of the cutest and talented kids of the small screen.

Mark Indelicato, Ugly Betty: He plays Betty’s fashion-obsessed nephew who always has a quick fashion tip or Broadway song to give at any moment. This character could have easily have been one of those that you fast forward whenever they appear on the screen. But with Mark Indelicato’s always hysterical portrayal he is not to be missed. I consider the character of Justin to be as entertaining as Marc and Amanda. Put the three of them together and you’ve struck TV gold. We saw a serious side to Justin when dealing with his father’s death this past season. He’s funny, adorable, and has really come into his own.

Favorite Justin Moment: In season one, when Justin, Hilda and Santos are stuck on the subway on their way to see Broadway’s Hairspray, Justin decides to reenact the first act. He started it off with his own rendition of Good Morning Baltimore.

Noah Gray-Cabey, Heroes: Micah Sanders has what every kid his age dreams about; a superpower. Not only is he super powered but so are his parents. They’re like The Incredibles but less animated. Noah has that face that you just feel so bad for him. He doesn’t even have to say a word and you wish that Nikki would finally get herself together, literally and figuratively. What I love about Micah and Noah’s portrayal of him is how he’s so innocent. When anyone else with his abilities would be freaking out, he thinks it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. It’s like he’s a superhero in one of his favorite comic books. Who wouldn’t love that?

Favorite Micah Moment: Using his machine-manipulating powers, Micah cashes out and takes all the money in the ATM machine.

Jackson Brundage, One Tree Hill: Could this kid get any cuter? Little Jamie Scott, played by the incredibly adorable Jackson Brundage, could literally carry an episode just with his cuteness. Plus, he’s such a good actor for his young age. Like Noah Gray-Cabey, whenever he makes a sad face you can’t help but go “aww!” Then he delivers his lines flawlessly. I’ve even read that his fellow cast mates have to sometimes rely on Jackson when they flub on their lines. During this past season of One Tree Hill he has had some of the most memorable lines.

Favorite Jamie Moment:

Brooke: (rubs head) “Have you ever had a wine hangover?”

Jamie: “I have a fluffy-eared bunny named Chester.”

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joy said...

Thank you! I've been saying for a while now that I could watch a One Tree Hill with just that little man Jamie on it.

Kid's way cuter than Jonathan Lipnicki or Emmanuel Lewis ever thought of being!

ashley said...

thanks for the comment joy! I love lottle Jamie. He's just adorable and a great addition to the OTH cast.

BoardinCali said...

yeah little Jaime could probably carry the show himself. There's some serious talent there, and they are using it well!

Calico kid said...

Jamie rocks! That kid can act and melt hearts with ease!

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