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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Veronica Mars a cheater?

Photos courtesy of CW

Last week, Wallace turned to the dark side for test answers for his mechanical-engineering class. Tonight, Veronica is accused of plagiarizing a criminology paper.

Now, I think we all know that Veronica could probably teach a criminology class and has about as much reason to cheat as Weevil has for hair conditioner. So, watching her get out of this one should be good.

Please watch tonight’s show, as Veronica Mars still hasn’t been given a full-season order from the CW. The show needs viewers. Ratings have been good, not great, so please drink the Kool-Aid and start watching this show. Here is the official description of tonight’s episode.

Veronica (Kristen Bell) is accused of plagiarizing her paper for Professor Landry’s (guest star Patrick Fabian, Joan of Arcadia) criminology class. In trying to clear herself, she discovers that her mentor is not who she thought he was. Wallace (Percy Daggs III) is pardoned by Dean O’Dell (guest star Ed Begley, Jr., Arrested Development) for cheating on his exam, but makes a decision that could affect his college career. Piz (Chris Lowell) invites Veronica to a night of bowling, and she decides to bring Logan (Jason Dohring) and Parker (Julie Gonzalo), unaware Piz wanted the evening to be more of a date. Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen, Francis Capra and Tina Majorino also star. Michael Fields directed the episode written by John Embom.

Catch it tonight at 9 p.m. EST on the CW network.


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