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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tube News: Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, Vanished, Ugly Betty and more

Friday Night Lights schedule change
Friday Night Lights
moves to Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on January 10. For those of you still using a VCR, don’t forget to change the timer. For those of you who still think a show with “Friday” in the title should air on Fridays, well, apparently NBC doesn’t agree with you.

Veronica Mars to go to stand-alone episodes
Veronica Mars
creator Rob Thomas told E!Online’s Kristin Veitch in an exclusive interview that the show is trying to get away from season-long mystery arcs and focus on stand-alone episodes. Don’t panic yet. Veronica can be just as savvy solving a weekly case and tweaking Sheriff Lamb, as she is with the long arcs. Thomas and the CW network believe the format change may help attract new viewers. Hey, short of handing out cash to get people to watch this show, I’m game for anything.

Vanished cancelled
To all of you who’ve e-mailed inquiring about the fate of Vanished, sorry, folks, but the show was cancelled on November 16. Even Eddie Cibrian, and his dimples, couldn’t save Vanished from vanishing.

Chris Gorham staying with Ugly Betty
Henry, the cute accountant on Ugly Betty, will be making several more appearances, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chris Gorham returns to the role tonight. My guess is he’s still smitten with Betty. Someone should break this to Walter gently.

Nia Long to visit Boston Legal
Nia Long checks into Boston Legal for three episodes, according to Zap2it. Long will play an attorney who seeks out Alan Shore for help. Insert your own punch line here.


Kim said...

I'm not crazy about Veronica turning into self-contained episodes. I hated Buffy and Angel when it went that route.

Miles said...

Eddie and his dimples are Vanished? Oh no! That's the only reason I was watching that show.

tube talk girl said...

Kim, I trust Rob Thomas to keep Veronica interesting. Just because the season-long mysterys are going away, doesn't mean the long-term character arcs are i.e. Veronica and Logan etc. Breathe folks. Rob Thomas will take care of his baby.

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