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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scrubs returns tonight

It’s back! And I’m positively giddy. My pals, the Scrubs doctors of Sacred Heart Hospital, are retuning to the air tonight at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. OK, so they’re only my pals in my imagination, but a hey, a girl can dream.

In tonight’s season premiere, J.D. ends up in Las Vegas with the Blue Man Group. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? I know you usually watch Grey’s Anatomy, but why not tape it tonight, and hang out with the Scrubs gang instead?

In honor of Scrubs' triumphant return, here’s some juicy scoop I gathered from a little digging and from a press conference call last week with show creator Bill Lawrence and the always-adorable Zach Braff. Get ready to laugh.

How can Scrubs possibly compete with Grey’s Anatomy?

Zach: “I keep telling Bill we need more sex on the show.”
Bill: “We’re going to nickname Zach’s character ‘McWeenie.’ Zach and Patrick Dempsey have sort of the same hair. Those guys (the Grey’s folks) have cornered the late-night soap opera (market.) But, I’m confident there is room for both.”
Zach: “People shouldn’t have high expectations as to what (Scrubs) is going to do against Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. I don’t think anyone, including us, have any expectations that we’ll (outperform Grey’s.) We just don’t have that fan base, but we do have a loyal fan base."

Who will guest star this season?
Bill: “The one I’m hoping to get back is Scott Foley because he hasn’t been here in a while. (This year) guest stars are all friends of the family. The guest stars are the established ones who will most likely be faces you’ve seen before: Tom Cavanagh, Elizabeth Banks, Mike Weston and Cheryl Hines."
Editor’s note: Bill, please get Scott Foley back this season, and preferably in that smoking-hot wet suit outfit. I do love Noel Crane!

Why the Nielsens don’t accurately reflect some popular programs?
Bill: "The Nielsens are a sham. I truly don’t’ feel the Nielsens (reflect) the shows that are the most popular. Our core demographic is college kids and there isn’t a Nielsen box at any college campus in the country."

In other Scrubs news, E!Online is reporting that a major character will die this season. Gulp. Turk, J.D, I hope you’ve gotten your flu shots.

And if you haven’t heard, an all-musical episode will air, much to my delight. The promos look amazing. Don't forget to watch Scrubs tonight!

Finally, to kick off the new season, Entertainment Weekly has a great interview up with my favorite “Brown Bear,” Turk. The story also has links to his highly entertaining kung-fu segment and poison dance. It’s a must read. Enjoy.


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