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Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Tree Hill shockers

Lucas Scott isn’t the only one whose heart stopped last night. Holy heart paddles! Wednesday’s episode of One Tree Hill had more shockers than a night out with Britney Spears.

Haley was mowed down by evil gambler guy. Consequently, Nathan then beat up evil gambler guy after the car crash and may, or may not, have killed him. Dan Scott is – I can’t believe I’m saying this – doing something selfless. And Lucas chucked his heart meds so he could save the game and was rewarded with cardiac arrest, after seeing his best friend Hayley, lifeless and bleeding.

I think I need a heart pill.

Wednesday’s episode was a brilliant display of drama, emotion and plot twists. If you missed it, don’t make that mistake again. I’m doing what I can to promote this show. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, much like Melrose Place was in the ‘90s.

One Tree Hill has never been a critic’s choice, other than a few of us. And that’s too bad. Yes, sometimes, the show can be overly dramatic, too sports-centric, and at times, play like a music video, as moody pop tunes accompany numerous scenes. But, at the core, One Tree Hill is satisfying escapism with villains, love stories and smart literary references. And I enjoy the music, too. So who cares if none of the kids look like they’re in high school, or even act like high-school students? It doesn’t matter. It’s still an entertaining hour of television.

As for Dan Scott, well, I wanted to smack him when he told Nathan that he’d killed evil gambler guy. How did he know that? I think the gambler guy may have died when he crashed the car, and the blood and bruises could have easily been explained from the crash. Still, Dan stepped up and is going to take the blame, it appears. Dan Scott, a nice guy? I guess the guilt from Keith’s murder did drive him mad. It seems his character transformation is beginning.

Next week looks to be a great episode, too, as Lucas heads to the other side. And I don’t mean South Carolina. Uncle Keith, apparently in ghostly form, joins Lucas from the beyond for some juicy drama. Don’t miss it. But, be warned: take your heart medication before watching.


Kim said...

It was so good. And speaking of good, Lucas has never looked better! Yum.

Beck said...

I think he frosted his tips!

LuckySawyer said...

I. Loved. This. Eppy! It was just the better one so far, no question about it. I still can't believe more people don't watch it. I love it more every day, since I started watching it a year ago! I still want Brucas back together, though! ^^

Rae said...

Dan? Selfless?! Hardly! Ok, ok, I agree with everything else you had to say about the episode but I don't know if I can agree with that part. One, I can't believe he told Nathan that he killed him. Hard to believe. Two, he's clearly feeling guilty about Keith and about not helping Nathan when he came to him and sees this as his way to make up for those things. So, I can't really see it as a selfless move on his part.

tube talk girl said...

Yeah, Rae, you're right. This is Dan Scott we're talking about. What was I thinking? I guess that hand punch to the ground got to me! :)

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