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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Smallville finale disappoints

by Ashley Gouveia

If I had to use one word to describe last night’s season finale of Smallville it would be letdown.

What was that? When it comes to this show I have never sugar coated my feelings. I have been an extremely agitated, yet loyal viewer of this series. Through all the ups and downs, I felt hopeful that the writers would pull it together and pay off what the viewers have been waiting for. But this episode had so many plot holes I just can’t turn a blind eye. I guess I should start from the beginning.

Rokk, from the Legion, comes back from the future to tell Clark that tomorrow will be the day he dies. Okay, no shock there. Only the entire season has been building towards this epic battle between Clark and Doomsday. Everyone was waiting for it, and I guess we have to keep on waiting. I think I missed the battle because it was over within two minutes. We didn’t get to see Clark use any of his abilities while fighting Doomsday. He got smacked around a couple of times and then Clark “super leaps” Doomie into a building where it then explodes.


I’m sure all of you Smallville watchers had heard the rumblings of a major character dying in this episode. Well, it was Jimmy Olsen. Who, by the way, is not really Jimmy Olsen. If anyone was not really his or her “character” he was definitely not the one I was thinking. I knew that he was not long for this world, once he found out Clark’s secret. Way to go, Smallville. It was like a blaring alarm was going off shouting, “He’s going to die!” Not a very stealth move. Apparently, Jimmy, or Henry James Olsen, has a little brother who we never heard about who likes to wear bow ties, too. At his brother’s funeral, Chloe gave him faux Jimmy’s camera. She said that maybe he would follow in his footsteps someday.

I have never been a fan of Jimmy on this show. I often found him annoying and whiney and his relationship with Chloe just sucked the entire life out of this show. However, Aaron Ashmore has been doing really well with his performances post breakup. Now that he is gone, I’m left wondering what the purpose was for killing him. Also, why did they completely forget about Davis’ human side and make him a Fatal Attraction wannabe?

Even when Davis was physically separated from the beast he was still a psychopath? It doesn’t really follow what we’ve been seeing this whole season. We saw someone who was fighting desperately against something he didn’t have control over. That was what made Davis Bloome so interesting. They threw away his entire appeal within a few lines of dialogue. What a waste.

Not only did Jimmy die, but Clark decided, after he resurfaced surprisingly unscathed post “the epic battle that never was,” that Clark Kent is also dead. He tells Chloe that his human side is his most dangerous, not his alien side. His connection to humanity is holding him back from the hero he is destined to become. He says goodbye to Chloe and walks away from her. Poor Chloe not only lost her ex but her best friend all in the same day. Not to mention that no one seems to want to continue the search for Lois any longer. Thanks to the Legion ring, she was sent to the future somewhere within the first fifteen minutes of the episode.

We all know the show has been renewed for season nine. Will you watch because of the return of Zod? What did you think of the Jimmy “twist?” Did anyone enjoy it? Sound off in the comments.

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Kim said...

I'll miss Jimmy. I hated that they put him with Chloe but I think he was a good character.

I hated the ending though. Clark turns his back on his human side? Didn't he do that a few seasons ago when he moved to city to rob banks?

ashley said...

My thoughts exactly Kim!! The end of season 2 was pretty much the same thing. Only that time he left Lana standing there rather than Chloe. It just seems like a lot of the same thing to me.

Anonymous said...

I think that Chloe got a raw deal from Clark. She has given everything to this man, not because she is his friend -- but because she has always been in love with him. Jimmy was the guy she settled for. I would like to see Clark with Chloe for a while instead of her her continuous "woman who loves too much" sacrifice. Give her a break. Watching her all 8 seasons with him is almost physically painful.

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