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Friday, May 08, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Lost season ender

by Ashley Gouveia

The season finale of Lost is coming up next week and it promises to be an episode full of twists and turns. Sure, pretty much every episode of Lost could fall under that category. Nonetheless, this week’s episode was a great set up for the finale. Locke went on a power trip, Sawyer and Jack got the stuffing beat out of them, and Ben is actually funny. Weird, right?

The one element that I can always count on this show to have is an awesome, jaw-dropping, scratch-your-head-pre-credits moment. Before the title comes up and the eerie sound starts playing, I’m always left bewildered by what I just saw. This week, for instance, Richard told Sun that he recognizes Jack and Co. because he watched them all die. Huh? My thoughts exactly. Could Richard mean that Jack succeeded in getting the plane to never crash and they all disappeared Back to the Future style? Or did they all just get killed? I’m hoping for the first theory.

I thought it was quite amusing watching Locke go on his little power trip as new leader of the Others. He was sticking it to Ben whenever he had the chance, whether it be about his new power as leader or how Ben never saw Jacob. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of Ben’s lines during the scene when Locke asked Ben if he was going into the jungle with him. Who knew that Benjamin Linus could be funny? He mostly just creeps me out. The tone in his voice just had so much loathing towards Locke that it came off as hilarious.

Sawyer got beat up by the Dharma Initiative because their cover was blown. I felt bad for him and Juliet. They had some kind of resemblance of lives and then it was all taken away. Love them or hate them, but Sawyer and Juliet have some great onscreen chemistry. I was taken aback by Sawyer deciding to just leave the island on the submarine. His response when he took one final glance at the island was “good riddance.” Really? I didn’t think that he would leave Kate and the others behind. Poor Juliet’s fantasy of a life alone with Sawyer had blown up in her face when Kate showed up on the sub, and she knew it too. It looks like the big elephant in the room is going to finally be discussed next week.

Do you think that Jack’s idea of preventing the plane from crashing a good one? Or should he not mess with fate? I’m hoping next week we finally get an answer to whom or what is Jacob. Will Locke actually be able to kill him? Sound off in the comments.

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