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Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle: I Dreamed a Dream

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Confession: I rarely watch reality TV.

OK, so that’s not exactly news to loyal followers of Tube Talk. But when I see clips like the one below, I think I may be missing some incredible entertainment by avoiding the dream-crushing reality shows, where normal folks go to find stardom.

Meet Susan Boyle, a sassy Brit with a singing voice so sweet it could make a grown man cry. She doesn’t look like a “star,” and when she took the stage on Britain's Got Talent for her audition, it was clear the cynical audience and judges were ready to spew their venom in Susan’s direction. Then, she opened her mouth and hit her first note.

I’ll let you watch to see what happens. Be warned, it may give you chills.

The entire world is cheering for Susan to make it, not despite her frumpy appearance, but because of it. I think the masses may finally have had enough of the ubiquitous Barbie-doll-looking singers that keep emerging year after year, with their size two waists, perfect hair, makeup, spray tans, and arched eyebrows. The world is rebelling and embracing Susan Boyle.

I’m pretty sure Boyle doesn’t wax her brows, have hair extensions, or wear Spanx. She’s refreshingly un-Hollywood, and the world is happy to see it. Go Susan, go! I hope she doesn’t cave to the pressures of Hollywood and straighten that curly hair, join Nutrisystem and shrink to half her size, and alter her face with plastic surgery. Here’s hoping that Susan stays just as she is and proves that talent is what makes people love her, not her appearance.

Hit play below or click here to check out Susan's audition.


Kris said...

One word, wow!

tube talk girl said...

That gave me chills.

Julie said...

First of all that is one of my all time favorite songs and to hear her sing it gave me chills. It was so moving!

Becky said...

She has the most amazing voice I ever heard! I got chills and tears were welling up in my eyes. I hope she makes it to the end. She is truly genuine and I hope she stays that way.

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