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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Supernatural recap

Photo: courtesy of the CW

by Ashley Gouveia

When I first heard rumblings about a possible third Winchester brother on Supernatural, I immediately thought that it couldn’t be true. There was no way that the writers would introduce another brother on an already established show. It had Cousin Oliver potential written all over it. However, this show has never let me down, so I just waited to see how this was all going to unfold. I have to say, I am a little confused.

I really enjoyed the episode. I loved that it brought up a lot of stuff from the past seasons, like John and his relationship with Sam. But I guess it’s just a hard pill to swallow that John Winchester had another kid out there. Not only that, but that he was able to spend quality time with him and actually be a normal father. There are a lot of fans who dislike John Winchester because of the way he raised and treated his boys. I was always part of the group who believed that he did the best he could. Plus, who couldn’t love Jeffrey Dean Morgan? This episode changed how I see John Winchester.

In the beginning of the episode, a random kid called John’s phone and told Dean that he was John’s son. Much like Dean, I was already thinking that this was some sort of trap. Maybe it was a trickster or some kind of angel test that they wanted to put the brothers through. When it was revealed that Adam, the new Winchester brother, didn’t have a negative reaction to silver or holy water, it wasn’t looking good for any of my theories. It seemed as if the boy was legit.

What was the most interesting was how Dean and Sam reacted to this news. Dean was completely against letting Adam into the fold of hunting, while Sam was rolling out the welcome mat. Sam’s reasoning was that he believed Adam would be better off if they taught him how to defend himself. I felt like Sam was really dark in this episode. His motivations and his reasoning are a little off. I guess that’s all the demon blood that he’s been slurping on.

Why didn’t Dean push the issue further about how easily swayed Adam was to the whole “demons are real” story? That moment had me thinking again that there was something weird about this kid. As it turns out, I was right. It was revealed that Adam was a ghoul, playing them the whole time. The ghoul killed the real Adam and his mother. The twist was that Adam really was John’s son. I think that was when my jaw dropped to the floor.

What does this say about Papa Winchester? Has this episode forever tainted the way you look at his character? Did it reaffirm your hatred?

Sound off in the comments.

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Writer2day said...

In the end i think John was only human but the part about him going to Adam's and being the normal dad seemed a bit much. Yeah I do think him having a kid is more than possible over all those years but I think he would have been a dysfunctional father considering his life. But, if Adam's memories are to be believed John was making up for what his other son's never had with him. That is all a father can do well a father in his situation, right?

ashley said...

I can understand your opinion Writer2day. I get that John would want to be there for Adam because he wasn't there for Sam and Dean. But I don't get why he didn't tell the boys that there was another brother out there. To protect him? Possibly. But his other boys were in the line of fire on a daily basis. The least he could do was be honest with them about something like this.

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