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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Should Saved by the Bell have a 20-year-reunion?

If Jimmy Fallon has his way, the teens of Saved by the Bell will be reuniting for their 20-year-reunion?

Friday night on Fallon’s show, he brought out “Mr. Belding” (Dennis Haskins) and the two pleaded with the former cast to do the reunion on Fallon’s show. Frankly, I’m betting “Screech” could use the work.

Fallon created an online petition at his website to champion his cause, which he labeled “the impossible dream.” Already, hundreds of fans have signed the petition.

Fallon begged the cast “to put their petty differences aside” and reunite to bring fans a little glimmer of happiness. (Apparently, Fallon watched the Saved by the Bell E! True Hollywood Story that detailed the romantic off-screen entanglements between the cast members.

So what do you think? Would you like to see the cast all together again and find out what they’re doing these days? Or would you rather leave the show a fond memory and not find out if Zach is balding and Kelly has wrinkles?

Check out Fallon’s tribute to Saved by the Bell and his petition to reunite the cast.


Sara said...

Having watched the E! True Hollywood Story many, many times...I would totally watch a 20th reunion. Perhaps while eating Pop Rocks.

tube talk girl said...

Awww, Pop Rocks. Those were the days!

illusent said...

that would be so ill...

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