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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Veronica Mars movie in the works

Yes, Tube Talk readers, there is a Santa Claus.

I asked Jolly ol’ St. Nick to give us Veronica Mars fans a movie on the big screen. And according to Mars' creator Rob Thomas, he’s working on the script and star Kristen Bell is on board, too.

Thank you, Santa. (And Rob Thomas, too!)

I know it’s a long way from completion at this point and Thomas probably still has to find money and a studio for the project, but I’m not worried. Studio executives, if you’re reading this, please invest in this film. You need to FINALLY make some smart, funny, entertaining movies with female leads that don’t resort to bathroom humor, sex jokes or boring melodrama.

Veronica Mars is intelligent, suave, funny, and a hero for today’s woman. She’s James Bond without all the car chases, gadgets and violence. And I have faith that Thomas will write a compelling script with all of Veronica’s trademark quirks.

Bell is a movie star. Yes, she started on the small screen, but let’s hope her Veronica will soon be at a Cineplex near you!


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