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Friday, January 23, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Did Lost sizzle or fizzle?

by Ashley Gouveia

Lost is back!

Is it too early to say better than ever?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I actually had to watch the hour recap show. It’s been way too long since the Losties were on my tube, and I needed a little refresher. It also got me pumped for the season five premiere. Is Locke really dead? What happened to Sawyer and the rest of the gang back on the island? Did Jack finally shave off that awful beard?

Thankfully, he did do just that. But not before Ben convinced him that he had to get all of the Oceanic Six and a dead Locke back to the island. Apparently, Locke had gone to the mainland and told Jack that terrible things happened after they left. Then we got a series of flashbacks in which we saw just exactly what those “terrible” things were.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the time space continuum, but I was surprisingly keeping up with Daniel’s synopsis on what was going on. It wasn’t exactly just the island that was moving but its people were also moving through time. Sawyer, Juliet and the others went into the past and future. They even went to the point where Ethan Rayne was still alive and kicking. Crazy, right? I loved that we got to see the island and what happened after Jack and company left.

Back in the future, Jack tried to rally up the troops. That task turned out to be a lot more difficult what with Hurley being chased by the cops, Ana Lucia’s ghost not included. I was not expecting to see her back; that was a nice little twist. The little bit that we saw of Desmond was great. I loved that Daniel got him to open up the hatch and told him to go to Oxford where they first met. Then Desmond woke up three years later and believed it was a memory.

Can I say that Sun is scaring me? She was completely creepy during her meeting with Kate. One minute she was serious and the next she was drained of all emotion. She is out for revenge, and I don’t think anyone should stand in her way. I was not expecting Hurley to turn himself into the cops to escape Ben. After all, he was the one who was always saying they never should have left the island. I thought he would have been the first one in that line.

What did you all think of the Lost premiere? Are they all going to go back no matter what? What exactly happened to Sawyer and Juliet that caused Locke to leave the island to get the Oceanic Six back? Let me know your theories in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Lost is so amazing. Just when I thought it was getting stale, it surprised me. I agree...Desmond is the best!

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