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Friday, January 09, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: 'One Tree Hill' Thoughts

by Ashley Gouveia

Happy 2009, Tube Talk readers!

A new year means all new episodes of our favorite television shows. Starting this week was One Tree Hill. First of all, can I say that I love that the show is back so soon? Usually, it seems like forever until they come back, but One Tree Hill actually surprised me. Thank goodness for my season pass on TiVo, or I would have missed it.

We ended last year with some good old-fashioned cliffhangers. Does Peyton have cancer? What happened to Sam? Will Owen and Millie actually do the deed? Well, we pretty much got all those answers in the first ten minutes of the episode. Peyton does not have cancer; she’s actually pregnant. The writers didn’t trick me for one minute. I knew that was where they were heading with this story even before she called Lucas her “baby daddy.” Were any of you shocked by the news?

As for Sam, she got into a car with Jack Daniels (not the drink) and his creepy brother. He turned out to be the same guy who attacked Brooke and killed Quentin. Tree Hill really is a small town. While I applaud Brooke for being brave enough to stand up to her attacker, I did wonder why she didn’t call the police for backup. I know it’s a drama and there has to be the build up of suspense but, I can’t help but wonder these things.

I think Sophia Bush deserves a standing ovation. She pulled off an amazing performance in those last scenes. I actually got a little teary-eyed when she dropped the gun and hugged Sam. Did I feel like the whole “Mom” comment from Sam was a little too over the top? Yes. But I just took it for what it was and enjoyed it.

It was also revealed that Millie did sleep with Owen. We didn’t even get to see them kiss or anything. Why? We just saw Millie crying in the store, and Owen boozing it up at Tric. It looks like he definitely fell off the wagon again. Who better to help him out then Stephen Coletti, I mean Chase. Yep, Chase returned and I have to say pretty randomly. I know it was a way to get Owen off the show, but why bring Chase back? Is it for a possible Mia/Chase hookup? Come on, they didn’t put that scene with them at the bar just for giggles.

I have to confess that I am enjoying the Julian character. For someone who hated Felix, Anna, and the rest of the newbies on this show, I have to say he’s intriguing and it shocked me too. I really like his interactions with Brooke and he’s funny too. The “cool mom” comment made me laugh during an episode that was particularly heavy on the drama.

What did you all think of One Tree Hill’s first episode of the New Year? Sound off in the comments.

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tube talk girl said...

I think Millie and Owen could have potential. I mean, come on, she's one of the HOTTEST girls on the show. Giving her a pair of glasses doesn't hide it. I just can't see her with Mouth.

Brooke rocked.

ashley said...

I agree with you Jen! The glasses don't hide it at all. That's why I was so disapponinted that we didn't see anything of the Millie/Owen hookup. That would have been interesting. Poor Mouth, but I just don't see her with him.

Yep, Brooke rocked,lol.:)

Anonymous said...

Lucas and Peyton are just nauseating and boring. Peyton being a mom, wanting to be a mom, let alone a good mom is ridiculoius. She'll lose the baby, watch, you'll see.

Brooke was stand-out tonight!

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