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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Upcoming Fall Premieres

Photo: One Tree Hill, The CW

by Ashley Gouveia

As the summer winds down and the new fall TV season is beginning to start, (yay!) this tube junkie is not complaining at all. The first two weeks of September are already looking better than a shirtless Sawyer. OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but the new season looks extremely promising with some returning favorites. Here are my choices for must-see-fall TV.

One Tree Hill Season Premiere date: September 1.
This time last year I was concerned for this show’s future. I wasn’t sure they were going to be able to pull off the four-year jump into the future. But they did, and now they’re back for season six. I know the big question on every fan’s mind is, ‘Who did Lucas call?’ I’m wondering that myself. My guess is Peyton, but I could be wrong. Place your bets in the comments! Check back next week with my review of the premiere to see if you were right. Plus, did Dan die after he was hit by the car? Stay tuned.

America’s Next Top Model Season Premiere date: September 3.
I have to admit that this show keeps me hooked every season. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure that has just the right amount of fun and fashion with occasional model drama thrown in. Last season, or cycle, was exciting because my pick actually won the competition. Whitney became the first plus-size model to win this show. It was about time! This season promises to be interesting with the first transgender model to enter the competition. The girls are also headed back to L.A. and leaving New York City. Hopefully, with the city change they will also change the Tyra Mail back to its original form. The new version was really annoying.

Prison Break Season Premiere date: September 1.
If you were like me and dropped this show like a hot potato last season after they killed off Dr. Sara, then you might want to reconsider. Trust me. This show is pulling me back into it for a second chance. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. It seems like this season is focusing more on staying out of prison rather than breaking out. I think that’s going to be a good change in dynamic for the show.

Gossip Girl Season Premiere date: September 1.
(Editor’s note from Jennifer: Ashley didn’t include this in her list, so I’m adding it so you won’t miss it!)
I’ve seen the first three episodes of the new season, and you MUST watch. Period. The gang kicks off the season in The Hamptons, and it’s as beautiful as it is entertaining. It reminded me of Gatsby. The people are beautiful and the plot is delicious. And I absolutely fell in love with the souvenir Blair brought home. (Think tall, dark and handsome with a wicked accent.) I wasn’t exactly Gossip Girl’s biggest cheerleader last year. I watched, mostly to hear Kristen Bell’s snarky Gossip Girl comments, but it wasn’t must-see for me. This year, however, I’m hooked. The show has upped its game and by extension my interest.

Bones Season Premiere date: September 3.
(Editor’s note from Jennifer: Ashley didn’t include this in her list, so I’m adding it so you won’t miss it!)
Last season, the revelation that Zack was a psychopath shocked even the savviest TV junkie (myself included.) I’m still steamed that sweet Zack won’t be in the lab with the gang this year. But, the two-hour season premiere may go a long way in assuaging my anger. Bones and Booth travel to London and team up with Scotland Yard to solve a case, as Angela’s husband finally surfaces back in D.C.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Premiere date: September 8.
I absolutely love this show. It only had nine episodes to make up its first season but it was enough to make me want to watch season two. I’m dying to find out what happened to Cameron after the explosion. Will Cromartie find John? For my birthday last week I received the complete first season on DVD. I highly recommend adding it to your collection. It’s a couple of hours of amazing television. Here’s a sneak peek at the season premiere. Check it out.

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kellie said...

I think he called Peyton. I hope it's Brooke or Lindsay though. I can't stand Peyton and Luke together. She so needs to get over it.

rex said...

It would be really cool if it were Brooke. Those two still have great chemistry.

obxrulz said...

That clip of OTH with Skills and Nate is hilarious. I can't wait for the new season. Thanks for posting.

katiescool said...

It's so early for premieres! I didn't realize all these shows were coming back so early. THANK YOU Ashley for reminding me. I would have missed Bones, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

obama08 said...

chuck bass rulz

Anonymous said...

Gossip Girl did get slow last year Jennifer. I agree with your previous assessment that Dan and Serena are a snooze. The clip looks good. Bring on Blair and Chuck.

ashley said...

kellie, I agree with you. My head is telling me that he called Peyton. My heart wants it to be Brooke though.
Rex, those two have always had amazing chemistry. I'm pulling for Brooke but my bets are on Peyton.

katiescool, no problem. That's what i'm here for:)

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