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Friday, August 22, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Nightshift entertains

Photo: ABC, actor Tristan Rogers

by Ashley Gouveia

I am still loving General Hospital’s Nightshift, especially now since Robert Scorpio has returned to Port Charles.

It’s always great to see old favorites return to their roots. Now all we need is Luke and Anna to make an appearance and it will be perfect for me. But I’ll take what I can get.

However, as much as I love Robert Scorpio he did cross the line by trying to plant seeds of doubt in Robin’s head. Love you Robert, but if you go up against Patrick you’re going to lose. At least in my eyes. He tried to get Robin to reconsider having Patrick in her life. He was telling her that Patrick was only going to break her heart. I would have agreed with him at one time. But ever since Robin became pregnant Patrick has done a complete 180. He really stepped up and became a better man for her. So if I were Robin I’d tell her Papa to back off a little bit.

As much as I love Billy Dee Williams as Touissant I have to wonder if having him hook up with Epiphany is a good idea. Right now I feel his character doesn’t have the same appeal as it did in the first season. I liked it better when he was giving out sage advice to the people of Port Charles. But if they are going to go in that direction with him and Nurse Epiphany then I say do it right. Try to give them enough screen time for the characters to develop a deeper connection.

I admire that Nightshift is doing an autism storyline with Jagger’s son, Stone. Days of our Lives has recently done it as well with Abe and Lexie’s son. I think it’s interesting to see Jagger reaction to having his son diagnosed with Autism. It’s something that many parents are facing today. This helps to bring more of reality to soap operas which are always nice.

How much do I dislike Dr. Julian this season? Let me count the ways. I knew where all the angry banter was heading between him and the new woman doctor. I mean, did anyone not see that coming? This season the writers have made Dr. Julian really arrogant and sometimes bordering obnoxious. For some reason I never found him that annoying in the first season. I would almost like to see the new doc go out with Jagger. Now that would be interesting.

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Kim said...

I'm so mad that Tristan has not come back to GH instead of Nightshift. I wish the show would return to real stories other than the FREAKING mob. Jagger, Anna, Robert, Luke, now I'd tune in every day to see that.

ashley said...

kim, i know what you mean. GH has gotten tired with the whole mob thing. I find myself just tuning in for Robin and Patrick. That's why Nightshift is so good to me.

Leila said...

I love Scrubs too Ashley. I used to watch GH now I just fast forward through the mob stuff until I get to Robin and Patrick. I wish Jagger, Brenda, Ned and the Quartermaines would all come back. I miss GH of the nineties.

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