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Friday, August 01, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Big Brother

by Ashley Gouveia

My favorite summer guilty pleasure is in full swing. No, I’m not talking about the Greatest American Dog show. I’m talking about Big Brother. Wohoo! Last night was the third eviction of the tenth season. Houseguests Angie and Jessie each had one foot out the door this week. My money was on Jessie to go home. But in the end, Angie was the one who got the boot. I think this just proves that most of the time personal matters get in the way of playing the game.

I think it was a dumb move for the house to vote out Angie. Granted, she was aligned with who I believe to be the strongest players. But individually she wasn’t much of a threat, especially sitting next to Jessie. I know that Jessie has an ego the size of Texas, but he is a strong physical player. I think his team up with Memphis will get him really far in the game.

If I had to pick someone who I wanted to make it far in the game it would be Michelle. I think she’s a strong competitor and can hold her own against the guys in the house. She’s from New England (like me!) and she’s Portuguese, like me, too. She’s my pick to win it. Memphis is my second choice. I think if he plays his cards right he could possibly take it all in the end.

Besides the live eviction we also saw the houseguests’ reactions to the earthquake that shook the Los Angeles area this week. I have thankfully never been in an earthquake so my reaction would have pretty much resembled Michelle’s. Over here on the East coast we have hurricanes and blizzards, not earthquakes. That’s just scary.

We also learned that Big Brother decided to bring back America’s Player. I don’t know how I feel about this. The first time they did this on a previous season Eric was the one they chose to represent America. I think being America’s Player jeopardized Eric’s game tremendously. It got to the point where because people didn’t like him they voted for him to do things purposely to mess up his game. Now America has chosen Dan to be America’s Player, but only for one week. I think Dan could probably pull it off without anyone catching on.

This next head of household competition is crucial so, of course, they made it an endurance one. The last time we saw the houseguests they were hanging on a ledge hoping to grasp the HoH title. We’ll have to wait and see on Sunday night who won it. I have a feeling Libra is going to hold on for dear life because she feels her days are numbered in the house. That’s a smart move.

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