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Monday, April 10, 2006

Smallville: Clark Kent’s mapquest and Pa Kent’s ghost

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Does Clark Kent have a built-in OnStar? The dude zipped from Kansas to Honduras in the latest episode, without even so much as a roadmap. Impressive. I’ll bet he didn’t have to stop for directions either. But good luck to him if he did, considering he was wondering around the jungles of Central America, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t speak Spanish. Beware, Milton Fine; Clark is coming for you and all your other body-mutating pieces.

The best part of the show was Pa Kent’s surprise appearance as a Heavenly ghost. I’m happily spoiler free and didn’t see that coming. When he launched into his trademark “Hello, son,” I realized how much I’ve missed Jonathan Kent. I loved his wardrobe choice, too. It was classic Jonathan. No billowy white tunic or white pants for this spirit. I guess they have flannel in Heaven. Good to know. Kudos to the writers for having Pa Kent tell Clark that Lionel knows his secret. I would have been screaming at the TV, if he hadn’t imparted that juicy piece of news to Clark.

As much as I miss Jonathan, I’m strangely fascinated with Lionel and Martha’s relationship. Give us more!

Then, my girl Chloe saved the day again, not to mention Lex’s life. I know the Smallville creators have said she isn’t really Lois Lane, but she sure fits the part, doesn’t she? Brilliant reporter – check. Chemistry with Clark and Lex – check. Sarcastic and tough, yet likeable – check. Smallville might be the story of young Superman, but CK wouldn’t be half as entertaining without his trusty sidekick.

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